Who You Are 2

15 May

46 years ago I wrote Life’s Handbook, a series of thoughts I found to relate to how we manage our life. One thought has filled my mind lately, mainly because people just don’t understand just how they got in the predicament they currently face.

“You are the sum total of your thoughts at any point in time.”

It sort of points to who you are at that point in your life, however let’s dig a little deeper into this thought. You are the result of every decision you make.in your life, good or bad.

Choices are dangerous for they follow you everywhere you go for the rest of your life. Freewill is a gift from 80s, but He didn’t tell you that you will have to answer for the choices you make. Life is full of choices and you have the power to make those choices either the basket for your life or sometimes the detriment of jumping without thinking about the consequences of your decision.

As a Christian, I have God on my side, but He does not make my choices for me. He does offer guidance, if I am willing to listen to what He has to say. I have learned to trust God for every action I take or choice I make. He has never failed me and has promised to always be there for me.

So, where are you in Life? Are you happy with the choices you made and the life you have built? If not, put your trust in God and learn to listen to His guidance. You can rebuild your life and make it into something you can be happy with. Learn to love life and love others as He has loved you.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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