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What’s Blocking Your Vision?

27 Aug

What’s Blocking Your Vision…

I know this sounds like a fairly obvious question, but it seems so any people are stumbling down the path of life with no concept of why.

We all have aspirations on how our life should be, but I have found many have no idea how much they control the path they follow. I also have found many don’t realize their temperament drives the direction they are going.

I study people and how they interact with the world around them. When I got my Masters in Applied Science in Environmental Psychology, my job was to take the work environment and mix it with the need of the people and make a better work process. Thus the Team Process was born. Over the years I have developed it into taking the world around us and showing people how to make the best of it.

Some people feel God tells them what to say and how to act, using that as an excuse for their bad temper and negative attitude. They spout so much dislike for others, they can’t see how it is affecting their life progress.

I had one person tell me: “It appears I am negative more so than the actual extent .I am showing the conditions of the society in which we live. Right now the decline is in full swing. It is a very serious situation. Yet, I must say that I feel an intervention coming from our Great God. Man cannot lead man unless they are guided by God. Only God can know the content of the heart”

We have free will and God does not want us to be so negative, in fact He wants us to love each other. We choose if we want to be positive or negative and we choose to hate rather than love. We choose what path we follow and we make life as hard or easy as we want it to be. God is there to guide us and offer suggestions, but He will not make us do anything – because of His love for us.

Life is short and it needs to be happy and full of compassion. When you learn that your choices control your life, then you decide that a positive approach will make life easier to handle.

What we say and how we say it is also very important to being successful in life. Nobody likes someone who is always negative, it just turns them off. A little compassion goes a long way and people who are compassionate find doors open for them.

So how are you blocking the vision of your life? If you find your path is constantly running into blockades, try changing your attitude.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,