Lift Your Eyes

22 Apr

I lift up my eyes to the mountains– where does my help come from? Psalms 121:1

This is my favorite verse in the Bible as it reminds me I can do nothing without Him. I am constantly amazed in today’s world by how people forget where they come from or where they are going.
We live in a world where people spend a vast majority of their time with their eye on the computer screen, the iPad or the telephone. Our world has been reduced to the images and text displayed on the screen in front our faces.
I think we need to relearn just how much we rely on God in our daily life. I generally start my day with a quiet conversation with Him before I do my daily posts. I then go outdoors and do a top down observation of the wonders He has presented for the day. I notice the life all around me from the birds flying in the sky to the beetles crawling on the ground. I watch the leaves as they ruffle in the gentle breeze He provides. I smell the newness of the day in the fragrances of the flowers and grass. Then I look up and thank God for giving me another glorious day.
I would like to remind everyone to go out and look up! Then thank God for all He gives you everyday.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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