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Beyond The Surface

25 Feb

Beyond The Surface…

As I was growing up I learned there is much more to life than what we see on the surface. Many times it’s what you fail to see that is the most important. Grandfather said it is the heights and depths of the surface that are important, not just what we see. So my life has been built around observing just what is beyond the surface.

In science we learned for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, for every cause there is an effect and there is a reason behind everything. I’ve learned all this is true and have been trying to show in my blog writings that there is more to life than what we see in our everyday life. That when we take the time to look beyond the surface, we discover little hidden passages of joy and beauty we didn’t see at first.

The three pillars of life – Love, Hope, Joy form the foundation and are in themselves multi-dimensional weaving in and out with each other to give us the heights and depths we have in our life. How we love each other, the joy we share and the hope we develop in and with each other all build and strengthen our world.

Forgiveness and Attitude are the prime determiners of the depth of Love and Joy we encounter and share. Now you just may realize life doesn’t just happen, it is a carefully choreographed path inter weaving with everyone you meet in your daily life for a particular reason. Many times we don’t realize the reason behind the paths we take, but most always we find a blessing or two along that path. It should therefore come as no surprise and we probably have blessed someone along the way.

I have written many times that there are no coincidences in life, we are lead to a place because we either have a gift for someone along the way or there is a gift waiting for us when we get there. I have experienced this throughout my life, yet am still surprised at the power of God’s blessings and the love He gives in each and every step of my life. Even in the darkest times He provided a light and a guide to lead me back to the path. Angels? Some people don’t think so, but I believe they are guiding us as needed throughout our life.

Now let me add Faith to the picture. As a Christian I believe Faith, Hope and Love add to the Joy in my life. Jesus said we need to have Faith, Hope and Love – the greatest of these being Love in our life. Without Love there is nothing. God is Love, God is Light and His commandment to love others as He loved us shows us how to guide others to His light. That is the height and depth of life.

Now go out and live life to the fullest, look beyond the surface!

Walk daily with God at your side!



Why We Pray

22 Feb

Why We Pray…

I am often asked why do we pray when prayers never seem to be answered? Why should I pray for him or her, all they do is cause me problems? What good does prayer do anyway?

Prayers are answered, as most of us realize and many times the answer come pretty fast. However, God does answer prayer on His time frame and that may mean it could be awhile before we see results or an answer. Many times He answers and we just aren’t listening.

When it comes to praying for someone who challenges you, I am often lead to quote a minister friend of mine: When you pray for anyone you tend to modify your personal attitude toward him. You lift the relationship thereby to a higher level. The best in the other person begins to flow out toward you as your best flows toward him. In the meeting of the best in each a higher unity of understanding is established. Norman Vincent Peale

Prayer is sort of a miracle drug, not only does it bring results to the person you are praying for, it also lifts your spirits at the same time. Through prayer I’ve learned never to under estimate the power of God! His compassion and love is overwhelming to us here on earth, but it is through His love we are even here. He is the referee of our troubled hearts and the source of all our joy.
Prayer is our medium to talk with Him and the gentle whispers and nudges come from Him in answer. He will listen to our cries of sorrow and the tears of joy. He is always there to provide an answer or a path of guidance and He never turns a deaf ear.

As for me, I enjoy the quiet meditation and conversation we have daily and look eagerly forward to where He leads me. God has been my Co-pilot since my teenage years and we have been down many paths together. All through faith and prayer.

When I was just a toddler I was taught this God Prayer by Grandfather on the reservation. I offer it to you.

Holy Spirit, we come to you
Holy Spirit, guide us through
Holy Spirit, we know you in a humble way
Teach all to kneel and pray

Holy Spirit, guide our path
Holy Spirit, rescue everyone of the coming wrath
Holy Spirit, teach us wisdom
Holy Spirit, may we be forgiven

Holy Spirit, give us courage
We shall not be discouraged
Holy Spirit, come into our hearts
We shall never depart.


Are your prayers answered? Better yet are you listening to His answer?

Walk daily with God at your side!



How Do You Measure Love?

19 Feb

When I first considered the thought of measuring love, I asked several people how they measure it. Love is a feeling, an emotion, it can’t be measured was the most common answer. Yet, as I looked back over my life, I felt something was amiss there. There is more to love than meets the eye.

Then I remembered something Grandfather once told me when I was a toddler. The measure of love is to love without measure. God measures your life on how well you love.

Love is not just an emotion. It’s not simply some uncontrollable feeling you fall in and out of. It doesn’t have to be here today and gone tomorrow. Nor does it ever have to leave you, in any relational context, if you don’t want it to. That’s because love is measured and maintained primarily by what you give, not what you receive. According to scripture, that’s the love metric: what you give to him, what you sacrifice for her, not what you feel.

That tells me love is not just an emotion, it’s also an action. It’s not simply an accidental concoction of feelings that you react to. No, instead, love is measured and maintained primarily by what you give, not what you receive.

Now what’s interesting is that’s not how we typically measure love. When we judge how “in love” we are with a significant other, or when we judge our disposition toward another human being, we don’t say, “Well let’s see… how much did I give or sacrifice for them this week?” No, instead, we measure love by how much we get in return.

Just think about this principle. It doesn’t take us long to come up with a list of “unlovable people.” Let’s just be honest, outside of you and me, there’s plenty of people out there giving us plenty of reasons not to love them.

However, despite the degree of being unlovable that many people in our lives have earned, that does not mean we can’t still love them.

Forgiveness is one of the strongest actions of love that exists in our life. It not only relieves you of carrying all the hurt and stress, it shows your love for others.

So, how do you measure love? It’s the helping hand you give a neighbor, the smile you share with others, the words of encouragement you give to someone. It’s that everyday simple act of kindness you do for someone in need. Love is an action as well as an emotion and as Grandfather reminded me of many years ago, your life will be measured by how well you love. You don’t measure love, love measures you.

Walk daily with God at your side!



In Plain Talk

16 Feb

I am frustrated! Why you ask? I am frustrated because most of the people who read my blog, only see what is written on the page. They read over it, not taking the time to discover what is really being said with all the words. Words, just words!

With my last two blog posts: The Angel Within and In Plain Sight I received about 100 e-mails, facebook comments or text messages. Most of them made cute of the post, some of them were serious. From: I never gave it any thought that we could have Angels around us, to I know what you mean when I backed into my closed gate twice before I realized it was not open. One comment told me the reader saw the light: You succeeded in pointing out that God gives a narrow window in which we discover life and love!

We are led, sometimes pushed, in a particular direction by God to open our eyes to a new venture in life. Many times we travel this path we are being lead down without knowing what caused us to choose that direction at the time other than a whim. Most often we meet someone or see something that catches our attention and we learn a new lesson. Many times we blind ourselves, wrapped up in our daily routines, so we fail to see the glimmer of sunshine coming through that narrow window.

There is nothing that happens in our life without a reason behind it and there is no one that crosses our path without a reason. We are drawn to people who either have a gift for us or needs a gift we have for them! Nothing is by accident! There is no such thing as coincident! God has planned each and every detail. We just need to trust Him and open our eyes, hearts and ears to His lessons in love!

I love life, all forms of life and I see love just about everywhere I go. I believe there are many opportunities everyday to share my love and open the door for others to see love in full bloom. It could be the stranger I pass on the corner or the clerk at the checkout register in the grocery store. It could be the elderly gentleman who dropped his hat or the youngster who tripped over the tree root in the park. It is everyone we meet or crosses our path everyday of our life.

Today people are in a hurry, want instant gratification and want all of life in one big gulp. Life is not meant to be gulped and if you don’t slow down it will pass you by without even a small wave. The windows of opportunity are narrow! But they are there if you take the time to see them. Sadly, many people fail to see 60% of what they pass everyday and ever sadder they are the ones who feel cheated in life because they think they were passed over. Believe it or not, there is even a blessing in an illness and the gift it carries can light up the world of someone special in your future.

If you would be so kind, I ask that you take the time and read these two posts again, slowly looking into the meaning behind the words. I’ve included the links below.

The Angel Within –

In Plain Sight –

Whether you read them again or not reflect on this: Enjoy life sip by sip not gulp by gulp. You will not experience the full bloom of the fruit if you continue to rush it.

Walk daily with God at your side!



In Plain Sight

13 Feb

As you walk down your driveway do you notice the life going on around you? It sounds like a very simple question with a simple answer – Yes, but are you sure? I would bet that you fail to notice more than 60 percent of your immediate surroundings. I can say this with confidence because you think you see these things everyday, so assume they haven’t changed.

Are there more or less birds today? How about tree branches on the ground? Leaves accumulated in any particular area? How about your flower beds, are there sprouts starting to push up? These are simple things, yes, but consider that if you fail to notice the little things in your yard, what are you not seeing outside your protected area around your house?

If you were to take the time to see what is going on around you, I can reasonably assure you that you would be surprised at all the life you were overlooking. Today we are too engrossed in our worlds, our mobile phones and tablets, our friends or even family, that taking notice of those around us fall by the wayside. Let me ask this question, are you open and friendly greeting and smiling at those around you or are you someone who keeps your eyes straight forward and don’t say hello unless someone says something to you?

I ask these questions because life happens all around us everyday and everywhere we go and if you are not seeing it, you just might be missing out on a miracle happening right in front of you. When you start paying close attention you will be surprised at what is going on in plain sight all around you.

Today people are so tied to their cell phones taking self-ies and texting that they are completely ignorant of what or who is around them or what they are doing. In today’s world that can be a dangerous thing. I’m not trying to scare you, but I am trying to make you become aware of your surroundings and those in your immediate area. The reason is that there is a whole world of life that most do not see and there are everyday miracles being overlooked.

So I am asking the next time you walk out your door to take a good look at what is out there and see what you have failed to see so often because you think you see it everyday. It just may open your eyes to the glorious happenings in our daily life. You just may see something spiritual in nature.

Walk daily with God at your side!



The Angel Within…

9 Feb

I am told I have special gift that lights up the spirit when I enter the room. I somehow manage to get a response to my touch when others don’t. I don’t know if it is a gift or not, I feel it is the angel inside me. The calming spirit within that quietly speaks to the person through a loving touch.

The angel within. To Ann’s mom I was Joe Angel, the only person she recognized in her last days, to her sister, now under hospice care, I am the calm in her storm, the only one she responds to. The angel within, Gods Spirit, is providing comfort and calm where it is needed most. It is His spirit working through me.

I believe we all have an angel within us who will step up and help if we just tap into it. I feel my full trust and faith in God has opened the door for my angel to light my path. I am totally blessed to have an angel with my every move. As for gifts, the bible does tell us we are gifted by God when we become Christians, however it is unclear if this calming angel is one. I know I thank God for my angel daily.

I wonder how you feel about angels walking with us. Do you feel their presence? We all are so blessed, I think we forget He is watching over us. Maybe we just assume He is there and don’t think about it. Are we taking Him for granted? I wonder. I have been His child for 65 years now and everyday I am shown something different by His presence. How about you?

I can’t imagine life without God. He has blessed me throughout my entire life, He has been my guide and partner everywhere I travel and He has provided the angel within me. To God be the glory for the things He has done in me!

What do you think? I sincerely wonder how you feel. Feel free to comment.

Walk daily with God at your side!



You Control Your Atmosphere

8 Feb

When I earned the first of my three Graduate Degrees, Master of Applied Science in Psychology, Workplace Environment, I was part of the first class to graduate in the subject. GM had contracted with several universities across the country to offer these courses in an effort to build the team process in it’s automotive factories. We graduates set out in four assembly plants to instill a positive workplace environment, build a team process, and get the union and management teams to work together. For the most part we were successful.

Over the years I expanded the study to show everyone that they really have more control over their individual atmosphere than they realize. Your day goes as you think or you are the sum total of your thoughts and actions in any given circumstance. In everyday language, you are as positive or negative as you choose.

We were blessed at birth with free will, a God given gift that allows us the freedom to choose what we do and how we feel. We have a choice in every situation we face to accept it with a positive or negative attitude. As Grandfather would say: “As you think so goes your day.”

I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when my wife told me how tired she was of waking up feeling bad every morning. I reminded her it was her choice and if she decided when she rose each morning to feel great, her day would be great. We prayed about it and a few days later, she came to me happy and smiling saying she woke up feeling super every morning since I reminded her it was her choice. God is good!

As you learn how you control your feelings, attitude, and temperament you realize just how good God has been to you. As Christians we have been blessed with many gifts and He has given us the freedom the use them as we see fit. Whoa, that can be good and bad! Yes, but as we place our trust in Him and let Him guide our every move, we are assured the best use will come of them.

We as God’s children are to speak to others about Jesus so that they to may see His path to life. Words alone are just the beginning of it, our actions towards diversity and not so positive situations really speak more of our faith than words do. Life was never promised to be a cake walk, God does place stumbling blocks in our path just to see how we react. He has given us this path and it is our job to make the best of it through faith in Him.

As we speak and as we walk are both important to life and the example we set to bring others to Him. Anyone can talk the talk, only Christians can walk the walk.

Walk daily with God at your side!



The Volume of Your Actions

1 Feb

The Volume Of Your Actions…

We’ve all heard the saying your actions speak louder than words, but have you taken the time to think through just what it is saying?

In this day of constant battles on television between political candidates, we hear all kinds of talk, words that they are using to get our vote. But they are just words! Everyone has words, but words are only as good as the person talking them. The only way to measure them is by the actions of the speaker.

As Christians, this is so important for the life we live is a reflection of our beliefs and people watch to see if our actions follow our words. Billy Graham once said our churches are full of pretend Christians or Christians who don’t know God. He followed up by saying it is because some live a Christian life while in church and a totally different life the rest of the week. I was just 13 when I heard him say that and it has stuck with me all my life.

Basically it comes down to this: You are the sum total of your actions and if your words don’t match your actions they mean nothing! So ask yourself, do your actions reflect your Christian principals? If not you may want to make a few adjustments in your life.

Your actions speak volumes to the true person you really are and they are the measure people use to determine who you are. As a Christian, you may be the only bible most of them will ever see.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,