Remember Fun?

30 May

It is interesting how our definition of fun changes over the years. I remember Grandfather once telling me that fun is what you define it to be and that definition will change as you grow up. 

When I was just a toddler on the reservation fun was just about anything that involved being outdoors running and playing. The ultimate fun was hiking the canyon, fishing and floating down the Colorado river on a warm summer day. 

As I grew older, fun changed to reading while laying out in the backyard soaking up the sun and nature. My early teen years were consumed with studying nature’s wonders through the critters and insects living in the gardens I weeded for the neighbors and the birds that found unusual nesting places around the area. I learned a lot about life and living in the quiet underworld of nature during that phase of my life. 

As I turned older funs definition changed to include reaching out to help others. I found fun in the little things I could do to help the neighbors with their chores and activities around the yard. My happiness came from pushing that little lawn mower around my elelderly neighbors yard and the smile it brought to their faces when their grass was mowed, and gardens were weeded. Afterwards we would sit out in the backyard with a tall glass of lemonade and enjoy the sounds of the song birds singing to their young. 

Funs definition certainly has changed for me over the years, just as Grandfather promisied. Today I find fun in the simple things in life. I still reach out to others with a helping hand and am always ready to step in and lift the heavy load off their shoulders. To me, the ultimate fun is sharing God’s love with others through words, deeds and song. I am most happy when I sing an old gospel hymn to someone and see the joy that comes into their eyes as the words work through their hearts. 

Yes, fun does change as we grow older and the value of life changes with it. I still love the quiet life of nature and continue to study the critters of our world, but sharing His love and grace has become the number one goal in my life. Its the little things that bring a smile to someones day. To me this is fun!

What about you, how do you define Fun? Have you noticed how it has changed over the years? Please comment and let me know. 

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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