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When Angels…

13 Mar

When Angels…

From time to time we come across an incidence that causes us to stop and take a day to reflect on life. Over the years I’ve written many times about Angels in our lives and I have found that there aren’t many people who actually believe that Angels walk among us. Some don’t even believe there are Angels. I guess until they experience one themselves, in person, they will never believe they exist. I find it amazing they believe in God and the Bible but don’t find it possible that Angels are part of the picture. Then again I’ve witnessed situations where if I wasn’t for Divine input many more lives would have been lost. Yet, even then a few people failed to recognize the many arms of comfort and protection surrounding them.

I, myself, have walked and talked with the Angels for pretty much through out of my life so recognizing them in everyday life is second nature, it’s sort of like greeting friends on the street. Maybe I’ve been lucky that my ancestors pushed so hard for us kids to learn these lessons in life. The path we travel isn’t random and to road we take in life is full of pitfalls, yet we somehow manage to find our direction of we listen to the whispers in our ears. Yes, God does whisper in our ears once in a while and sometimes He has our Angels whisper to us also. Our problem is we don’t always like what we hear and decide to go another direction, many times to our own detriment for we end up asking for help getting back on the right path. When we finally realize that we are not alone in life and that we have many Angels standing by eager to step in and help, life suddenly becomes easier. Life is actually fun for me as I go my way lending a hand where needed, a shoulder to cry on or even a soft touch of comfort to a stranger on the street. Grandfather always taught me that a smile is a great umbrella and that a soft word of kindness will bring a world of sunshine into a person’s life. That has been my goal in life to make things easier for my neighbors and to share His love with everyone I meet everyday.

I grew up with Angels around me so just thought everyone else has too. In retrospect I know the Angels were there because I was taught they were there and I can’t say that for everyone else. It doesn’t mean they don’t have Angels, it means they just haven’t been taught to acknowledge or recognize them. I can’t say if that is a good thing or not for we all have our own way of processing things. I still follow the old ways of my ancestors and have raised my children the same way. I have had my eyes opened at an early age and it has given me great wisdom.

So as you travel down your path of life and encounter something that made you happy or saved you from a fall, consider that maybe an Angel smiled at you today. Love comes in many forms.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,