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What Love is…

22 May

What started out white that man has turned black? It is an interesting question if you take the time to dig deeper into it. The answer is Origin.

When God created us we were pure love. Over the years our training, education or whatever you want to call it started shading our perspective and our vision has turned away from love and compassion.

We’ve all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are and that’s the real person other people see. The key word is choose! We decide if we shine our light of Love or that we push the darkness and gloom. We program ourselves to be the person we are. That also means we can reprogram our self to shine the light God has given us.

That then offers another riddle or question: What is known but cannot be named? I’ll let you ponder on that a while.

God says before you were in the womb I knew you. Which means He created you in his image to reflect His love and grace. He knows who you are and has selected you to fulfill His love to all. Somewhere along the way we seem to have lost this message. So the answer to the above riddle is Life.

The bible teaches us the lessons of Jesus through the apostles and the gosples to care for the children, widows and the less fortunate. It commands us to love each other as He has loved us and to live our life to lift His glory. It teaches us not to fear for there is no fear in love. It teaches us that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So through faith we should have no fear because of what we can’t see, but are assured that He will guide us through our path.

What is lost that can never be lost? Our journey. We lose our way when we fail to have faith in His promise and allow darkness to overcome us. Seeing the light in the darkness is my journey. I seek the light so I can shine my light brighter.

Let me add one more fact for you to ponder: As Christians we know Christ is all and Christ resides in our hearts. We also know that He is the light, therefore since He resides in our heart, we also become the light.

Light is Love and the more of our light we shine the more love we share. The more love we share the brighter our light shines. Seek the light!

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


Love Is Stronger

17 May

I’ve oftened wondered why there is so much divide and discontent in our country. We are so divided that friends are fighting each other over the littlest things.

I don’t care if you are someone who leans right or left or stays in the middle, one thing for certain is you are an individual just like everyone else in this country. Also each and everyone of us has the same God given rights and in our case they are guaranteed by our Constitution.

God given rights! God also gave us commandments to love each other as ourselves, not just love those who agree with your thinking. Our country was founded on the understanding that all are created equal, regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, left handed or right handed so where does the right come to talk down or bad about those who don’t follow your individual standards. The funny thing is you probably don’t follow theirs either. Neither makes one right or wrong.

It is time we, as a country, wake up and realize what God has been teaching us throughout our entire life… that is to love one another and use that love to build bridges not walls. In the end everyone will, sooner at or later, realize that love is stronger than all this hate.

Walk daily with God at you side!

Love always,


Soft Whispers In The Wind

2 May

As I sit here is quiet solitude having my afternoon conversation with Father, I hear these soft whispers in the wind and feel a gentle tug on my heart. His guidance is so gentle, yet I can feel His strength as He moves me in the direction of the chosen path.

Living in continuous conversation with God has made my life full and blessed. My every need is met and I am blessed to be able to share His love with all I meet. His hands have sheltered me throughout my life and He has taught me to love life and all His creatures. I would say this is why I am at home with nature.

I wonder if Bob Dylan saw this when he wrote the song “Blowing in the wind” back in 1963. God answers our prayers and questions all the time, it’s just that most times we just don’t take the time to listen. When I feel that little tug on my heart and hear those soft whispers in my ear, I know He is talking to me.

Life is full of little miracles, if you don’t feel that look up, He will show you. Listen to His wisdom and follow the path He has set out for you.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,