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Heat Index

30 Jun

Just what is heat index?

The heat index tells you how hot it feels at a given humidity. Moist air feels hotter than dry air because it makes sweating less efficient. On a hot, dry day, your sweat will evaporate quickly and cool your skin; under humid conditions, sweat evaporates more slowly and doesn’t do as much. Just as the wind chill attempts to measure how cold it feels under certain wind conditions, the heat index tries to measure how hot it feels given the humidity.

The formula for heat index is based on work completed in the late 1970s. R. G. Steadman wrote a paper called “The assessment of sultriness,” in which he used a list of 20 factors to compute how hot you might feel on a given day. These factors included the rate at which you sweat, the type of clothes you’re wearing, the surface area of your body, and what you happen to be doing.

To isolate the effects of temperature and humidity on the perception of heat, Steadman invented a typical situation: A person who’s 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 147 pounds walks at about 3.1 miles per hour in a light breeze, wearing long pants and a short-sleeved shirt. Then Steadman filled out his 20 variables with information from this scenario and figured out how hot his fictional person would feel at different outside temperatures and levels of humidity. He put the results in a table: Higher humidity would make his exemplar feel hotter, while drier conditions would make him feel cooler than it really is. For any given temperature, there is a percent humidity at which the weather “feels” exactly as hot as the thermometer indicates.

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service used Steadman’s table to derive a simpler formula for heat index by creating a function that approximates its values (to within 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit) using only two variables—temperature and percent humidity. Since the formula incorporates all of Steadman’s assumptions, how hot you feel may differ from the heat index reported on the evening news. For example, weather reports say that today’s heat index in Shreveport is 106, and that the wind is blowing at 11 miles per hour. But the formula for heat index assumes that the wind is blowing at only 5.8 miles per hour—so the added breeze might make it feel cooler than what’s been reported. (Unless it were really hot out—when it gets up into the high 90s, the wind actually makes you hotter.) Likewise, the further your dimensions are from 5 feet 7 inches and 147 pounds, the less likely you are to feel like it’s 106 degrees.

Needless to say summer is here, so lets be smart! Stay hydrated and take cool off breaks.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,



These Old Bones

17 Jun

These Old bones reminded me that I’m not 18 anymore and of the fragility of the human body as well as its uncanny ability to heal itself.

These old bones have seen a world of turmoil and stress over the years as well as many good joy filled times. This week has had my mind wandering over all that I have learned throughout my life and the lessons I have yet to learn and share. I can’t begin to count the times God reminded me that He is not through with me and there are many more eyes that need to be opened.

Throughout my life, from Shaman to healer showing others life can be fun and serious all at the same time. From the horrors of combat in Vietnam to the struggles we all face in life, God has always been there to guide my way through the pereloious paths.

I remember Grandfather telling me that one day I would look back over all my achievements and reflect on what lessons I have passed on. I believe I have led a good life, but often wonder if there is a lesson out there or a gift I have failed to see and pass on.

When I was ten my mother enrolled me in Menses because my IQ was so high she thought I was becoming bored with everyday living. Although it did offer me a challenge, it also showed me how blessed I was to be able to remember almost everything I laided my eyes on but also how this could sometimes be a curse. As you can imagine, I never had a hard time in school and did manage to pass with flying colors all my classes. I probably spent more time tutoring others than I did on the lessons.

But, life has not always been a bed of roses, as most of you learned growing up and I have had some very hard times also. Vietnam left it’s mark on me and pretty much has followed me for the past 47 or so years. But this too has been a lesson I have been able to share and grow with.

There is no doubt in my mind that God has always been there to protect and watch over me. I have had a very blessed life and as much as possible have shared that love with all that I meet.

I’m sure there are many more lessons to share from these old bones and I am looking forward to blessing others as well being blessed by sharing.

Well Grandfather how are them bones?

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,