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Almost Human

30 May

Almost Human…

Normally, fawns are silent creatures. Great fear will cause them to give out a sharp, piercing cry of terror. This unusual cry, not often heard, is extremely disturbing and unnerving to hear. But, as unsettling as this cry can be, the sound of a young fawn, calling for the doe that cannot come is the saddest sound of all.

I love the outdoors and the animals I meet along the pathways as I wander through the woods. One cold spring morning I was out exploring and heard the most unusual sound I have ever heard in my life, it was a very sad cry. I followed the sound and came across a young deer that somehow had broken through the ice in the middle of the pond and as it was thrashing about trying to get to shore it was crying the most unnerving cry of anguish. The doe was on the shore with a look of panic on her face.

I knew the pond was just under four feet deep so I felt fairly safe about being able to work my way to the youngster to carry it to safety. I broke through the ice about halfway there, but was able to make it to the baby and carry it to shore. As I put the baby down the mother came over and checked it out head to toe, looked at me directly in the eye and gave me what I thought was a big smile. Then they both walked into the woods.

I never gave it a thought that animals anguish over their offspring as humans do over their children, but that experience taught me they are as human as us when it comes to children. I’ve seen birds protect their nests from predators, bears protecting their cubs from harm, but this is the first time I have ever seen or heard a animal crying over the possible loss of a parent or child.

This experience has given me a whole new outlook on the wild animals in our world as to how close we are in our actions and thoughts. We have mistakenly placed animals on a level as not being able to think or feel the pain of loss. They share many of the same human characteristics as we do.

What do you think? Courteous comments are welcome.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


Everyone needs compassion

24 May

As most of you know I was raised on an Indian Reservation. What you may not realize that we were raised to respect everybody, regardless of how they believe.

My Grandfather was an elder on the council and was very much into our lives as we grew up. One of his favorite sayings was: Walk a mile in the moccasins of your rival before you pass judgment on his actions. I always found that to be sound advice.

Our Country, right now, is so divided it almost feels like we have lost all our compassion. The Right is pushing it’s values and the Left is pushing theirs. Yet no one is thinking of what is happening to our Country in it’s wake. There is no compromise, there is no bending – it is all my way or the highway attitude and guess what we are losing our Country because of it.

I served our Country for the greater part of my life and am proud of it. I fought for our Constitution and all it stands for. I served to keep the freedoms we as a Country have and rights that go with it. I have seen many of my friends loose their lives fighting beside me. Yet when I mentioned I support the second ammendment a while back I was told; If you live by the sword you will die by the sword.

This is Memorial Day weekend where we honor those who fought for your freedom and for those who lost their life’s doing it. Yet many pastors today feel these are God given rights and those who serve and died to protect our Constitution, which guarantee’s those rights have done little or nothing for them, and don’t give Veterans the respect they really deserve.

What has happened to our Country? Where is the compassion we used to have for each other? Why can’t we pick each other up and work together as we used to in this Country?

We are so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we forgot we are America, the greatest Country in the world, and we are great because we stand up for each other beside each other. We all need a little compassion for our fellow man and our neighbors. We all need to walk a mile in the moccasin’s of our neighbors to realize that life just may be a little harder for them. We need to be more tolerant of each other.

We need to work together to take back control of our Country and get it out of the hands of the big corporations. We need to remind everyone that we the people are America and we are what makes America strong.

Happy Memorial Day to all Veterans!

Let there be peace on earth!

Courteous comments are appreciated.

Angels All Around Us

16 May

The less, the more – the good, the bad – the sweet and bitter. If we wish to pry within the truths of a thing, we must perforce have recourse to its opposite, its twins . But know that our Creation’s eyes are blind because HE has no opposite, no like, comparison nor similitude; and in His Essence, all such opposites are one . How faint, how small our knowledge of this truth, for knowledge is distinction, nor can we distinguish aught except between two things. The portals of Distinction have been closed by Unity, and if you should attain to gnosis in the One, then recognize that though He be possessed of attributes, His Essence is but one.

LIFE is multidimensional … .You need to look beyond the surface to appreciate the heights and depths of your life’s experiences.

Grandfather was adamant that we are multidimensional in life and that sometimes we take on the role of angels to fulfill the wishes of God.

And when you have reached the mountain top, only then shall you begin to climb.

Getting to the top is just the beginning of your trek, Grandfather once told me, it is only when you apply yourself and the gifts given to you by God that your grow in your life.

There is much to be said for challenging fate instead of ducking behind it.

One of my favorite activities is walking in the desert. I love the desert of western Arizona and would go out on treks a week at a time, camping and enjoying nature at it’s fullest. It is amazing how much life there is hidden in our deserts. If you haven’t seen them, go visit, you will be surprised.

But Why? The original question.

Every time I asked, Grandfather would answer – ‘When you get to heaven, ask God, He will tell you why.’

Give to the world the best that you have, and the best will come back to you.

This was one of Grandfather’s favorite statements. Never hold back, give 100% to every person you meet. He or she just might need the angel in you. As you enlighten them they will enlighten you. Remember you only get out of life what you are willing to give.

It is one of the most beautiful compensation’s of life that no man can help another, without helping himself.

There is something in humility which strangely exalts the heart.

Grandfather would tell me to be humble in spirit and let others see the world inside you always sharing your blessings with a smile.

Faith is to worthy accomplishments what seeds are to bountiful harvests.

Soft as the voice of an angel. whispering truths yet unheard.

As I welcome you into my world, I ask you to share yours with others. Blessings are meant to be shared for the glory of God. Imagine the world if we all followed these thoughts. Love is never wasted – if you send it out, much more will flow your way! Share!!

Courteous comments are always welcome.


Moment to moment

14 May

How we look at life determines the very life we live. It is short, too short so why do we waste time wondering what so many think about us. We need to learn to live in the moment and to let God show us the way.


The whisper of a thread of light between dusk and dawn, houses a whole world of peace and solitude. The very essence of life where you realize the time you spend in your earthly body is but a moment compared to what the future holds. Life is such a precious moment that it is really a shame to waste so much of it out of harmony with those you really care for.

I could complain about the rose bushes because of the thorns- or rejoice about the thorn bushes because of the roses.

Truth suffers from too much analysis.

You can sense truth – why analysis it.

I think what a joy it is to be alive, and I wonder if I’ll ever leap inward to the root of this flesh and know myself as once I was. The root is there. Whether any act of mine can find it, remains tangled in the future. But all things a man can do are mine. Any act of mine may do it.

If you continually give-

you will continually have.

The universe is God’s. It is one thing,
a wholeness against which all separations may be identified. Transient life,even that self aware and reasoning life which we call sentient, holds only a fragile trustee ship on any portion of the wholeness.


Courteous comment always welcome.

A Glance Inside Heaven

13 May

A Glance Inside Heaven

I just read the book “Heaven Is For Real” by Todd Burpo. Todd is a minister. It is a true story about his four year old son who visited heaven during an episode when he was critically ill. It is a very heart warming story that following biblical principal tells us of his experience seeing God, Jesus and Angels, including family members he never met. He tells of his out of body experience over a period of six years, dropping bits of information as nonchalantly as peeling a banana and in such a matter of fact way you can’t help but to believe it.

It is a good read, whether you believe it or not. If nothing else it will give a warm and fuzzy feeling about heaven and more peace of mind about life after death. I would recommend this book for everyone.

However, most clergy I have talked to do not feel the book is a true story. Several feel that you don’t have out of body experiences. While some have heard stories from people who have, they say the stories leave them flat. I’m not sure what they mean by flat, but they don’t seem to grasp that it is possible. Others feel that the bible gives us a perception of heaven but not a true picture and since it has not been described so clearly in the bible, the story must be a work of fiction. A few keep an open mind and haven’t formed an opinion yet.

I think not all things are in the bible and God has given us knowledge to determine where He stands on them. Just look at how we have grown in medicine and technology. None of that is in the bible. I have been on the precipice of death once and though my experience was not the same as this young mans, I can say I returned with much peace and understanding in my life. I have no fear of dieing anymore and actually look forward to the time I leave this body and go to live with Him. I saw a brightness so pure that everything appeared translucent. I knew it was heaven because everyone was light. Light brighter and purer than anything I have ever seen on earth. I felt absolutely no stress or fear, all I felt was love. Whether this was heaven or not I really don’t know, but I knew I was loved and in His presence. By His Grace I returned to earth to continue on my journey to fulfill His Glory.

I feel, deep inside me, the story is true and the young man has seen just what he has described. Heaven is for real! As Christians, our faith gives us hope, this book confirms that hope. In your daily walk with Jesus, you can now have more peace knowing soon you will be in His immediate presence.

Walk daily with Jesus at your side!


Courteous comments are always appreciated.

Meet Mary Francis

11 May

Meet Mary Francis Christian, a Dachshund, born June 21, 2001.


In November 2010 Mary Francis jumped down off a chair and hurt her back. She was unable to walk and in a lot of pain. The poor girl just looked at me with pleading in her eyes asking me to help her move. I was able to help her to her feet, but when she tried to move, her back legs would not support her and all she could do was just sit there.
I immediately called Marshall Animal Hospital to see if Doctor Jay was in. He took X-rays and found Mary Francis had ruptured a disk and had several other disks that were calcified. Dachshunds have a tendency for back problems since their spine is so long.

The prognosis wasn’t the best I have heard and it was hard to take since she was our baby from the age of six weeks. Dr. Jay gave me several options from costly surgery in Dallas to the most unthinkable of putting her down. I need to add here that he never told me what option was best, but did offer several options we could try, adding that some of them may not work. He let me make the decision of treatment. We decided on injecting Mary Francis with a horse steroid once a week for three weeks, combined with working the legs in and out to keep muscle tone. We gave her Prednisone (½ a 20mg tablet) every twelve hours to reduce the inflammation, along with a 50 mg tablet of Tramadol as required for pain.

After the second injection, Mary was able to walk some but the right hind leg would not support her weight completely so she would walk with her hind end falling every once in a while, but she was walking. After the third injection there was not much improvement, but she was getting around much better. She has a very positive outlook and was not giving in, so I decided on a more rigorous exercise program.


In January 2011, I started massaging Mary’s leg muscles and working her hind end back and forth working the legs and hips. I used physical therapy methods of warm blankets and walking to help her grow stronger. We would walk several times a day down the driveway and back. Then I would work her muscles back and forth with a soft massage. After several weeks of this I had her start walking up and down the hill to help build her muscles on an incline.

In May I started having her walk up and down steps and then up and down a steep ramp. This continued for several weeks, with accompanied massage, until I finally had her running up and down the driveway and the ramp.


Today Mary Francis is back to her normal self, running, hopping like a bunny, jumping like a baby and lifting herself up on her hind legs to be picked up. She has a love for life and adventure and has made it clear there is nothing to hold her back. This success story does require a lot of work and love, but the results are amazing.

Edwin Christian
P.O. Box 669
Scottsville, TX 75688

To Touch The Wind

7 May

In the essence of being ,between here and there, is a solitude of truth and happiness, the whisper of a thread of light between dusk and dawn. It is then that you know you are as one with God, when you see the sparkle of light, as you boldly reach out to touch the wind. This is where you begin to see and learn the true nature of love.

As you read these little phrases, I ask that you stop and think on each one, for each has several messages of hidden inside and you may see a different one each time you read it. Take the time to read between the lines – it will open a whole new world for you to enjoy. With all my heart to yours!

To love is virtually to know;  To know is not virtually to love.

The two most appreciated words in the world are also the two least uttered- thank you!

Love cannot be wasted. It makes no difference where it is bestowed, it always brings in big returns.

Our restlessness is largely due to the fact that we are as yet wanderers between two worlds.

Question:  Do you do things because you have to or because you want to?

The answer to that will have a profound effect on your life.

Climb the mountains and get their glad tidings. Nature’s peace will flow to you as the sunshine flows into the trees. The winds blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares drop away from you like the leaves of autumn.

Reality may be a rough road, but escape is a precipice.

Learn from the mistakes of others – you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

You can’t control the length of your life – but you can control its width and depth.

You can’t control the contour of your face – but you can control its expression.

You can’t control the weather- but you can control the atmosphere of your mind.

Why worry about things you can’t control when you can keep yourself busy controlling the things that depend on you.

No matter how hard you try. No matter what you say…..  Love just isn’t love till you give it away.

From my heart to you….. Ed

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With Unconditional Love

4 May

Absolute solitude puts you on a  precipice, the very edge, if you will, of a two edged sword, perched between life and death, the yin and the yang , the heavens above and the earth below. It is here, the very essence of life, where life itself takes on a whole new meaning. Harmony, love, trust and faith in, with and around your fellow man step up and take a leading role in the meaning of everyday life. It takes a unique balance of all of these to maintain human relations in our complex world. The pressures put on us by our social peers, for lack of a better word, tend to drive us all in opposing directions from the center of life’s true meaning.

When reading these lines, take the time to ponder on what they mean to you. Your world will open up to you and show you new ways to love.  

Love doesn’t make the world go around…

But love sure makes the ride worthwhile.

Education is no substitute for intelligence.

That elusive quality is defined only in part by puzzle solving ability. It is in the creation of new puzzles reflecting what your senses report that you round out the definition.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is that little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn my inner eye to see it’s path. Where fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

WORRY- is a wasted emotion

When I set out to show and teach humanity my chosen path, I promised a lesson their bones would remember. I know a profound pattern humans deny with words even while their actions affirm it. They say they seek security and quiet, conditions they call peace. Even as they speak, they create seeds of turmoil and violence. We tend to become like the worse of those we oppose.

You cannot manipulate a marionette-with only one string.

We are shaped by pressures,

whether we resist them or not.

Do your actions agree with your words? There is your measure of reliability. Never confine yourself to the words.

Candor and honesty-the basic tools of learning.

Confine yourself to observing and you always miss the point of your own life. The object can be stated this way: Live the best life you can. Life is a game whose rules you learn if you leap into it and play it to the hilt. Otherwise, you are caught off balance, continually surprised by the shifting play.

Non-players often whine and complain that luck always passes them by. They refuse to see that they can create some of their own luck.

Many things we do naturally become difficult only when we try to make them intellectual objects. It is possible to know so much about a subject that you become totally ignorant.

Some people never participate. Life happens to them. They get by on little more than dumb persistence and resist with anger or violence all things that might lift them out of resentment filled illusions of security.

ALL states can be abstractions…

It’s something to think about.


To know a thing well, know it’s limits. Only when pushed beyond its tolerances will true nature be seen.

Time does not count itself.

You have only to look at a circle and this is apparent.

You could gain perspective from within

if your questions carried few distortions.

Humans can balance on strange surfaces.

Test the limits!!

The best art imitates life in a compelling way.

If it imitates a dream, it must be a dream of life. Otherwise, there is no place where we can connect.

Our plugs don’t fit.

TRUTH- is an empty cup.

Up root your questions from the ground and the dangling roots will be seen….

More questions!!

Seek freedom and become captive of your desires.

Seek discipline and find your liberty.

Ultimately, all things are known because you want to believe you know.

Answers are a perilous grip on the universe.

They can appear sensible yet explain nothing.

There is no secret to balance-

You just have to feel the waves.

Paired opposites define your longings and those longings will imprison you.

Whatever is born dies….

the light of life goes out on everything.

With unconditional love..

I  respectfully give to you…