You Control Your Atmosphere

8 Feb

When I earned the first of my three Graduate Degrees, Master of Applied Science in Psychology, Workplace Environment, I was part of the first class to graduate in the subject. GM had contracted with several universities across the country to offer these courses in an effort to build the team process in it’s automotive factories. We graduates set out in four assembly plants to instill a positive workplace environment, build a team process, and get the union and management teams to work together. For the most part we were successful.

Over the years I expanded the study to show everyone that they really have more control over their individual atmosphere than they realize. Your day goes as you think or you are the sum total of your thoughts and actions in any given circumstance. In everyday language, you are as positive or negative as you choose.

We were blessed at birth with free will, a God given gift that allows us the freedom to choose what we do and how we feel. We have a choice in every situation we face to accept it with a positive or negative attitude. As Grandfather would say: “As you think so goes your day.”

I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when my wife told me how tired she was of waking up feeling bad every morning. I reminded her it was her choice and if she decided when she rose each morning to feel great, her day would be great. We prayed about it and a few days later, she came to me happy and smiling saying she woke up feeling super every morning since I reminded her it was her choice. God is good!

As you learn how you control your feelings, attitude, and temperament you realize just how good God has been to you. As Christians we have been blessed with many gifts and He has given us the freedom the use them as we see fit. Whoa, that can be good and bad! Yes, but as we place our trust in Him and let Him guide our every move, we are assured the best use will come of them.

We as God’s children are to speak to others about Jesus so that they to may see His path to life. Words alone are just the beginning of it, our actions towards diversity and not so positive situations really speak more of our faith than words do. Life was never promised to be a cake walk, God does place stumbling blocks in our path just to see how we react. He has given us this path and it is our job to make the best of it through faith in Him.

As we speak and as we walk are both important to life and the example we set to bring others to Him. Anyone can talk the talk, only Christians can walk the walk.

Walk daily with God at your side!



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