The Volume of Your Actions

1 Feb

The Volume Of Your Actions…

We’ve all heard the saying your actions speak louder than words, but have you taken the time to think through just what it is saying?

In this day of constant battles on television between political candidates, we hear all kinds of talk, words that they are using to get our vote. But they are just words! Everyone has words, but words are only as good as the person talking them. The only way to measure them is by the actions of the speaker.

As Christians, this is so important for the life we live is a reflection of our beliefs and people watch to see if our actions follow our words. Billy Graham once said our churches are full of pretend Christians or Christians who don’t know God. He followed up by saying it is because some live a Christian life while in church and a totally different life the rest of the week. I was just 13 when I heard him say that and it has stuck with me all my life.

Basically it comes down to this: You are the sum total of your actions and if your words don’t match your actions they mean nothing! So ask yourself, do your actions reflect your Christian principals? If not you may want to make a few adjustments in your life.

Your actions speak volumes to the true person you really are and they are the measure people use to determine who you are. As a Christian, you may be the only bible most of them will ever see.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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