Whisper Soft

28 Jan

I remember one day while hiking the Grand Canyon grandfather telling me “The voices of the world are loud and sparse, but the voice of God is a constant whisper.

At nine years old I never gave it much thought as I loved walking in the canyon and the woods listening to nature tell me it’s story. Little did I know that voice was God leading me along my path. His guidance through that soft whisper, constantly encouraging me and gently scolding me when I chose a different direction, but always ready to lead me back to the correct path.

A few years later when grandfather passed his words came back to me as a reminder that I should be in constant conversation with God and always listening for His response as He whispers in my ear. I am, for the most part, in continuous prayer or conversation with God and lean on Him for just about everything.

Saying that brings back another favorite phrase of grandfathers. “Don’t trust to hold God’s hand; let Him hold yours. Let Him do the holding, and you the trusting.” He always reminded me to turn things over to God and to let Him handle it. We often find ourselves turning things over to God, just to take them back to try a different approach. How much easier it is to trust Him to handle things while He is holding our hand.

Prayer is a personal conversation with God and God as my closest friend is always there to offer guidance and comfort. My prayer is for His will to be done and His grace to bless us all. His answer always brings me comfort. As I strive to follow His lead, which I sometimes fail, He continues to bless and encourage me.

I think we are totally blessed in spite of ourselves and need to be thankful for the blessings He gives us everyday for I really think we take them for granted.

I wonder just how good life would be if we all took the time to listen to His whisper soft in our ears. I bet life would be outstanding.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,



Life is…. Love

27 Jan

I believe that if you don’t derive a deep sense of purpose from what you do, if you don’t come radiantly alive several times a day, if you don’t feel deeply grateful at the tremendous good fortune that has been bestowed on you, then you are wasting your life. And life is too short to waste.

One of my favorite things to do is to go into the woods and enjoy the magic of nature. Everyday nature wakes up and surprises us with something wonderful, something beautiful and something magic, life in its fullest. I often wonder why people can’t do the same.

I’ve written before about how we all seem to live in our own world and by sharing our world with others as they share theirs with us our world’s grow bigger and hopefully better. Life is a growing experience and our sharing, with love, makes the experience so much better.

I’ve watched as some look at others as inferior and tend to hold themselves in a higher plane. I have learned over the years that although we are all somewhat different, we really are all the same. Each one of us is trying to make our path through life and each of us wants to see others succeed. What is missing is the realization that in order to succeed we all need to learn from each other for without each of our worlds, the world fails. We are the world, each and everyone of us and it’s our love that makes it grow.

So how does one get that message out to everyone? We live in a very diverse world and it is this diversity that makes it as great as it. The idea that some are better than others is stupid, to say the least, for what you lack in something they just may be very strong and where they are weak, you just may be strong. We all need each other and for those who think they know it all or don’t need anyone’s help once in a while, you just need to look into a mirror and see just how ignorant you are.

Believe it or not, in spite of all the greed and discontent in the world, love still makes it worthwhile and move forward. I believe when Jesus gave us to command to love our neighbors as our self, He meant every other person in the world. It is a big command because we tend to limit our world’s to just the area we live in. There is more to life than what we see, it’s the hidden things in life that really make the difference. Until we open ourselves up to love and offer our love to others, these hidden things will remain hidden. They present themselves to us as we share our love and world’s with others.

That simple greeting and a smile goes a long way in making someone’s day a bit brighter. It will also make your day better too.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


The Gift Of Life

22 Jan

There are certain givens in life that everyone experiences. For example someone will say or do something that really upsets you or you will say or do something that really upsets someone. On the other hand the complete opposite will happen and everyone is happy. There will be days when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, bringing you down and then there will be days when you feel light as air and life is at its best. This is life and we all experience it everyday.

What makes this special is how we handle these ups and downs in our world. I say handle because these obstacles or plusses happen for a reason and that reason is a lesson we need to learn. As you know I don’t believe in coincidences, but maintain everything and every person that crosses our path is for a reason. That reason could be because there is a gift hidden there for you or you have a gift to share.

Life is a gift! Everyday of our life we are given gifts or blessing we are to share with each other to make.life lighter and brighter. That smile you share with a stranger might just make his or her day. That kind greeting of good morning or hello to that clerk at the checkout counter may be a blessing needed to lift their spirit.

In this same approach, how we look at the negative experiences in our life could make the same difference to us. When we look for what lesson is hidden inside, we just may find the blessing God has for this day. On the other hand if we decide the world is pushing down on us we may lose that blessing and lesson. That blessing could be something you need to share with the next person that crosses your path.

In other words, life is just how we accept it. We can look for the blessings or we can choose to let it overwhelm us. Life is not a bed of roses, we all know that, but we hold the reins and can make the best or worse of it. I choose the positive and look to share the blessings with all. I know what love I share makes someone’s life better, which in turn blesses me to make mine better.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


Crossed Paths

29 Dec

Back in the early 70s when I first wrote “Life’s Handbook” one of the phrases I wrote was:

Every person you meet is brought into your life for a reason. It could be because you have a gift to share with them or they may have a gift to share with you. What you do with these gifts is up to you.

Those three little sentences say a lot, if you are willing to open you eyes and hearts to possible miracles.

How many times have you been introduced to someone only to feel you know them already? How many times have you corresponded with someone online, only to realize you have so much in common that you just might know them also?

Over the years I have learned not to discount little incidences like these. Many times I’ve found we have some connection, whether spiritual or something else that has drawn us together for a specific reason. Most times it is because God had something for us to share with someone. These everyday miracles are hard to ignore and many times on reflection the blessings I’ve received have opened doors to many more friends.

There have also been times where I just passed up possible gifts for no reason other than I was in the middle of my own crisis. This makes me wonder what gift I failed to share with someone or prevented that person sharing their gift with me. Some of these answers I may never find out, but I have learned to not turn my heart away from possible blessings and have opened my heart to share with all the blessings and love I have received.

In my post “Life Is…” I wrote about how we all have a tendency to think our world really sucks, without remembering there is always someone who has it worse. Life is a gift – it is our job to live it to the best of our ability, share our love with everyone, and offer our gifts to everyone we meet. We were brought together for a reason and we should make the best of it.

So, now when you cross paths with someone new, think of the gifts you have to offer and the blessing you just may receive. Live life to its fullest, sharing your love and blessings for you never know the person that crosses your path just may be that Angel you are seeking.

Walk daily with God at your side

Love always,


Open Your Heart 

16 Dec

I study nature, people and animals its just something I do. I see things that make me question myself and what other appear to be thinking. 

Some see life hopeless, others hopeful. I often wonder why people are so different and what I can do to help. 

Even when things are less than perfect, if you can think of the good, the beautiful, the hopeful, you’ll be more than sustained–you’ll conquer. 

Life is what we make it because we pretty much made all the choices that put us where we are. If we aren’t hopeful, we must ask ourselves why and then make changes in our life style to make it better. I listen to people talk, I read their comments on my posts and I ask myself why have so many closed off their hearts?

Love and hope flow freely into and out of an open heart. When we close off our hearts, we effectively close off our life to love and hope. It is a choice we make and it is a choice we can change. So I ask you, why spend your life unhappy, open your heart and share the love and hope everyone is sharing out there. I friendly smile and a nod of the head is contagious and get spread around. A hug is a one size fits all and it is freely returned. God has blessed us all, we need to share it.

The friend given you, by circumstances over which you have no control, was God’s own gift. Be happy and share your gifts. It is always good to remember that anything given with love is never wasted. 

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


Just Think

8 Dec

Just think, you’re here not by chance, but by God’s choosing. His hand formed you and made you the person you are. He compares you to no one else – you are one of a kind. You lack nothing that His grace can’t give you. He has allowed you to be here at this time in history to fulfill His special purpose for this generation. 

To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


If You Could….

6 Dec

If I were to ask you if you were happy with your life, most of you would answer yes. However, if I were to ask what you would most change in your life to make you happier or make life easier, most of you would realize you are not as happy as you think. 

Our life consists of one decision on top of another and in retrospect there is probably many things we could do better if we just took the time to think before we made our choices. We are the sum total of choices we made throughout our life and whether we want to admit it or not, we all have made more than a few bad decisions. Most of them have taught us lessons and helped turn us back to the right path, however some remain hidden in the closet hoping never to see the light of day again.

How we perceive ourselves and how people perceive us usually turn out to be two different people. Sometimes in life we need to look into a mirror and take an honest look at ourselves, then realize we just may have to make some changes to become the person we really want to be.  

Ok, I hear some of you saying there is nothing in my life that I would change. That is your ego standing up and denying your misgivings for you. Don’t let your expanded ego control who you really want to be.  Humble yourself and admit you made some bad choices you wish you could turn around. 

So, I ask you, if you could  change one thing in your life to be happy what would you change and why?

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,