The Key Of Victory

24 Nov

The Key Of Victory…

There were approximately two million Israelites in the wilderness and yet, for the most part, only two of them entered the Promised Land, Joshua and Caleb.

The reason the Israelites didn’t enter the land was because they didn’t believe God. They didn’t trust Him. If they had trusted Him, all those things would have made no difference at all, and they would have been victorious. Instead, that blessing went to their children.

This teaches us an important truth. God has called us to enter into His blessings: a land of promise, a place of blessing, joy, abundance, and victory. But most people and believers never enter into the blessings God has for them.

If you don’t really and fully believe His love and the good news, how can you enter His peace or joy? On the other hand. If you do really and fully start believing and receiving His love, promises, good news, and power, you won’t be able to stop yourself from entering the blessings of His peace, joy, and victory.

Start believing with all your heart and you’ll be victorious. Take a lesson from two million Israelites: You’ll enter in when you believe.

Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism. Acts 10:34

Grab a hold of God’s promises and His truths today, and believe them. You will have a more blessed, a more productive, and a more victorious life.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


The Days Of The Lulav

19 Nov

The Days Of The Lulav….

To celebrate Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, the Lord commanded the people of Israel to come with branches and fruit. Jewish people to this day celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles carrying three specific branches: the Palm Branch, the Myrtle Branch, and the Willow Branch.

Together they are called the Lulav. Why? During the Feast of Tabernacles, the Hebrews gave thanks for their wilderness journey to the Promised Land.

The myrtles reminded them of the mountains they passed by, the palm trees of the desert plains, and the willows of the brooks that gave them water.

The Promised Land is a symbol of the place where God’s children are heading, towards Heaven – and the wilderness is this life we go through to get there.

So don’t disparage or despise this life but be encouraged and walk on. For in heaven, you will give thanks even for those valleys. Its mountains kept us hoping, and its valleys reminded us that we weren’t home yet.

Learn the mystery of the Lulav and remember, in Heaven you’ll be giving thanks for the heavenly road you’re walking upon right now on your way to the Promised Land.

Whatever you’re going through today, celebrate the Lord’s presence, in your valleys, your mountains, your good moments and bad, use it all to glorify and worship the Lord.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


The Secret Place

17 Nov

The Secret Place…

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, was the most holy day on the Biblical Calendar – the day when men stood before God and had their sins forgiven.

However, the most important part was that it took place in secret, behind the veil in the Holy of Holies. No one saw or heard it.

This means the most holy and important things happen in secret. The word holy means set apart. In the same way, the most holy moments of your life will take place in the secret – set apart from your job, relationships, even from the things of God.

All these things have a place. But it’s easy even in the things of God to lose God Himself. The Holy of Holies was only able to hold God and one other person. The secret place is only big enough for you and God.

If you ignore the secret place, everything else will become dry and empty. If you dwell in the secret place, everything else will become full.

Today, before you go to bed, enter His chambers, just you and Him, and be filled up in the radiance and glory of His presence, hidden away in the Secret Place.

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

Today, enter into the Secret Place, the Holy of Holies, and spend good time there, just you and the Lord.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


The Cosmic Haman

15 Nov

The Cosmic Haman…

When I was a child, I remember being in a car with my mother. And she was parking next to a sidewalk. And an old man with a mustache and a whistle came running out… blasting his little whistle.

He didn’t want anyone parking in front of his house. So if he saw a car doing that, he ran out with his whistle and most people would take off. They believed they were parking illegally.

But the truth was, there was nothing illegal about it, and the man had absolutely no authority to do what he was doing. But as long as he convinced people that he did have the authority, then he did. As long as they believed him, they took off.

So it is with the enemy. The enemy has no real authority. But if you believe that he does, he will. The voice of sin, temptation, fear, gloom, panic, despair, and darkness – has no authority.

That means you don’t have to obey it or even pay it any mind. The next time the enemy tells you to do something – you just ignore it – he’s only blowing his whistle.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

Today make it your aim to disobey the voice of the enemy, to defy the command of fear, darkness, and sin – overcome his bluff.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


Doing What You Can’t Do

14 Nov

Doing What You Can’t do…

Luke 5 records Jesus telling a paralyzed man to get up and go home. Now think about that. What is He asking of the man? To rise up, take up his cot, and go home.

What’s strange about that? The man is paralyzed. But He’s asking a paralyzed man to do what paralyzed men cannot do. And it doesn’t say that the man was healed before he rose up.

The man had to do what he could not do – and in that was the miracle. In the same way, Jesus commands you to do what you cannot do, to live a life you cannot live, and to walk a walk you cannot walk.

God doesn’t want you to live according to what you are, but according to what He’s called you to be and to do. Stop living, limited by what you can and cannot do.

Start living by faith, by His power, by His miracle, and by what He’s called you to become. Live as if you could do what you can’t do, and by His power… you’ll do it. It’s as simple as rising up.

One day Jesus was teaching, and Pharisees and teachers of the law were sitting there. They had come from every village of Galilee and from Judea and Jerusalem. And the power of the Lord was with Jesus to heal the sick. Some men came carrying a paralyzed man on a mat and tried to take him into the house to lay him before Jesus. When they could not find a way to do this because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and lowered him on his mat through the tiles into the middle of the crowd, right in front of Jesus. When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven. Luke 5:17-20

Don’t believe what the world says you can’t do. Believe Jesus at His word. Do what He calls you to do – even if it’s impossible.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


The Joshua People

13 Nov

The Joshua People…

The high priest of Israel could never wear a kingly crown, nor could the king ever wear the high priestly robe. The kingship and the priesthood were two separate houses, two blood lines, two tribes – and they could never be joined.

Yet, in the book of Zechariah, God calls the prophet to place the crown on the high priest’s head and prophesy of a man called “the Branch” who will be both king and priest.

Who is that man? Messiah. Jesus, Yeshua, who was both king, of the royal line of Israel, and priest of the New Covenant. The name of the high priest upon whom the crown was placed was “Joshua” – in Hebrew, “Yeshua” – in English, “Jesus.”

Even that points to the identity of Messiah the Branch – Jesus. So no one was allowed to be both king and priest – but Messiah. What does it tell us?

Jesus is always more than you think He is, better than you believe He is, more wonderful than is even lawful. So get to know Him even more, because when it comes to Him, there’s no end to just how much more there is to know.

Listen, High Priest Joshua, you and your associates seated before you, who are men symbolic of things to come: I am going to bring my servant, the Branch. Zechariah 3:8

Seek to know the Lord today as both King of your life, the one you must submit to, and worship – and High Priest, the one who knows, who feels, who sympathizes for you, and helps you in all that you do.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


The Holy Day Redemption

11 Nov

The Great Holy Day Redemption…

The Hebrew year begins in the spring with the Holy Days of Passover, First Fruits, and Shavuot (Pentecost). After that, the Hebrews would reap the summer harvest.

In the fall, the trumpets of the Feast of Trumpets would sound, signaling the end of the harvest. They would gather again in Jerusalem to celebrate the closing of the year.

The mystery is that God set up this entire age like a Hebrew year. The age opened with Passover in the spring when Jesus died; First Fruits when He rose, and Shavuot at the beginning of summer.

The great summer harvest came when the gospel and the Jewish people went to the ends of the earth. Now, after 2,000 years, we stand at the ending of the harvest, when the trumpets of autumn sound.

The sign is the age must close with the regathering of the Jewish people to Jerusalem to meet the Lord. It’s happening before our eyes. Stay awake and alert, for you live in a most extraordinary day – the end times – the eve of the Day of the Trumpets.

So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober. 1 Thessalonians 5:6

Don’t be left out in taking a part in the Great Harvest. Go out today and witness to a non-believing person.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


The Mixed Up New Year

10 Nov

The Mixed Up New Year…

Rosh Ha Shannah means head of the year – the New Year. It’s the Jewish New Year. There’s only one problem – The Feast of Trumpets takes place in the 7th month of the Jewish year! God mixed it all up.

In Exodus 12, He made the old 7th month – the new New Year and the old New Year, the new 7th month. God wants us to learn the secret of celebrating at the wrong time.

When you’re persecuted, He wants you to leap for joy. When you’re weak, He wants you to celebrate His riches. When you’re alone, He wants you to celebrate His fellowship.

When you’re in bondage, in trouble, or rejected – celebrate His freedom, His peace, and His love. In the face of death, celebrate His life and His new beginning.

Sing to the Lord a new song;
 sing to the Lord, all the earth. Psalm 96:1

Learn the secret of Rosh Ha Shannah, the mixed up New Year! Don’t wait for the right time or the blessings to celebrate – celebrate and it will become the right time and you will have the blessings. Celebrate today because it’s exactly the wrong time. That’s the time to celebrate. Happy New Year!

Plan today to celebrate no matter what – especially in the midst of your problems, hard times, bad situations. And Happy New Year!

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


Doors and Windows

9 Nov

Doors and Windows…

The Book of Acts records the ministry of the apostle Paul in Corinth. While Paul was in Corinth, he attempted to spread the Gospel in the synagogue there. His message was rejected.

But it turned out that there was a man named Titus Justus who lived right next door to the synagogue. Titus opened up his house to Paul and the Gospel.

From that came the Church of Corinth, one of the most important churches in world history. And it all started right next door to the place where the Gospel was rejected.

God always makes a way for His will to be accomplished. He always makes a way for His purposes, His glory, and the victory of His people. So, too, for you.

The Bible never promises an obstacle-free walk or a problem-free life. You will have problems and obstacles and closed doors. But don’t let them stop you.

For when God closes a door, he opens a window. When God closes a synagogue door, he opens the Church of Corinth next door. Keep going, and you may find that the victory you thought was gone, was right there under your nose… next door.

Make the effort to reach out to your next door neighbor and share your faith; i.e., It’s the least thing you can do to “love your neighbor.”

Reference: Acts 18

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


The Jewish Who Wrote Christmas Songs

7 Nov

The Jesus Who Wrote Christmas Songs…

It’s a strange phenomenon – Some of the best loved Christmas music in the world was written by Jewish people! White Christmas, Silver Bells, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting), Hark the Herald Angels, O Holy Night… and more… were all written by Jewish people!

It seems so strange… and yet what could be more natural than the birth of the Jewish Messiah observed by the Jewish people. Christmas is a Jewish phenomenon.

That there even exist songs of Christmas is a testimony to the birth of a Jewish rabbi. On this count alone, Jesus, Yeshua, must be the long prophesied Jewish Messiah.

For it was foretold in the Hebrew Scriptures that in the Jewish Messiah the Gentiles would take refuge (Isaiah 11). And there’s only one Jewish man in all of Jewish history who has fulfilled it.

Every Christmas, that fact is confirmed. So when you see those manger scenes and hear those Christmas songs, remember to pray for the Josephs and Marys, His family, the Jewish people, who brought you the blessings of Jesus and have yet to discover that the Light of the Gentiles just happens to also be, the Glory of Israel!

In the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”

Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be.  But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God.  You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus.  He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David,  and he will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever; his kingdom will never end.”

“How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?”

 The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.  Even Elizabeth your relative is going to have a child in her old age, and she who was said to be unable to conceive is in her sixth month.  For no word from God will ever fail.”

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her. Luke1:26-38

Write down the names of one or two Jewish people that you know personally or know of, and pray today that they may come to know their Messiah.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,