The Good Seed and The Good Soil

30 Jan

The Good Seed and The Good Soil…

Jesus tells us the parable of the sower through the seed in the ground. The question was where was the power, in the seed or in the ground? The good ground bore life. The bad ground didn’t. The good ground was simply the ground that received the seed.

So the key to abundant life in God is not about trying to produce good works, or holiness in God. The soil can’t produce anything without the seed. It’s the seed that produces the fruit. The seed is the Word of God. The Word of God produces fruit in your life.

Take the Word of God into the soil of your life, and it will do its thing. Your part is to just receive it; let it come in and do its thing. Become good soil for the seed. The soil that becomes good at receiving will blossom with life, a thousand-fold. Receive the seed; it will change your life.

Then he told them many things in parables, saying: “A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. Whoever has ears, let them hear.” Matthew 13:3-9

Receive God’s message for you today. Open your heart to the Living Word. Give it a place to grow within you. Nurture and apply it to your life now.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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