The Blotted Enemy

10 Nov

The Blotted Enemy…

In Exodus 17, the first battle that Israel ever fought was against the Amalekites or Amalek. Then God says, I will blot out the name of Amalek. He will not be remembered anymore. But then He says, I will be at war against Amalek from generation to generation.

If the enemy of Israel, the Amalekites, are blotted out, how can God keep fighting them, or how can God’s people keep warring against them if they are already blotted out? That’s the key. God fights a blotted out enemy.

The key to fighting your fight and having victory in your life is to see that you are fighting a blotted out enemy. We act as if we are fighting an enemy that is not blotted out.

The old sin doesn’t look defeated, yet Jesus finished the battle on the cross. The enemy is blotted out. You will win the fight, but you have to fight a defeated enemy.

Win the battle that is already won. Fight the fought battle in His strength. You live on the winning side. On the cross, it is already blotted out.

You armed me with strength for battle; you humbled my adversaries before me. Psalm 18:39

Fight your spiritual battles as if they are defeated already. Lay the groundwork covered in prayer before even stepping on the battlefield.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always


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