The Bunny and The Empty Tomb

30 Sep

The Bunny and The Empty Tomb…

As a young boy, the Easter bunny was more real than the Resurrection. We made Easter baskets in school, but nothing about the Resurrection. The Easter bunny has nothing to do with Easter.

It doesn’t change anyone’s life; it’s imaginary, but the Resurrection is real; it changes everything. For most believers, life goes on as if the Resurrection never happened; nor is the tomb empty; as if Jesus has not risen; there’s really no good news, no actual victory.

It’s as if it were just a fable, and their life remains untouched. That’s not the Resurrection, that’s Easter bunny faith. The Resurrection is real. It’s to be lived, and to touch every part of your life: your family life, marital life, emotional life, your personal life, your everything life.

Stop living the Easter bunny faith; start living the Resurrection. Our faith isn’t about a basketful of colored eggs, it’s based on an empty tomb.

Israel, put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love and with him is full redemption. He himself will redeem Israel from all their sins. Psalm 130:7-8

Be truly transformed today in a resurrected life, be empowered in a spirit of victory over death because He is risen!

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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