The Non-miracle Days

29 Apr

The Non-miracle Days…

The Bible records many miracles: the judgments of Egypt, the virgin birth, the miracles in Acts. We think, if only I saw those miracles, I would believe without doubting.

We think in those days miracles happened all the time. Not so. You’re reading only of those days where miracles did happen, not the many days they didn’t. The Hebrews saw the Red Sea part, yet soon afterwards, they started doubting God.

Seeing miracles doesn’t mean you can coast without faith. It takes more faith when months and years pass; you have to remind yourself of what God has done. Don’t say, if you lived in those days, and saw the miracles, you would have overcoming faith.

You do live in those days. It’s still the Book of Acts. The Spirit still moves and God is alive and well. You have seen miracles; the greatest is salvation, and many more answered prayers and His grace in your life.

It’s not about seeing miracles, it’s about living the miracle every day. Choose to believe; it won’t matter if you see a miracle or not, because your life will BE the miracle.

Reference: John 20-21

Believe that God works in the everyday miracles in your walk, today look with discerning eyes His miracles working right in front of you and within you.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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