Smash the God’s

19 Mar

Smash the Gods…

There is an old story of Jewish tradition that Abraham’s father was an idol maker and had a store containing all the gods of Babylonia. One day, Abraham smashed all the idols, except the biggest oneGod’s…

He placed a rod in its hands. His father was shocked by discovering the idols smashed. He confronted Abraham, “Why did you do this?” Abraham said, “I didn’t do this; I saw it happen. The biggest idol became angry with the rest and smashed them.” His father said, “That’s ridiculous; idols can’t do anything.”

Abraham replied, “Then why do you make them?” It’s just a story but has truth. Abraham and his children left the land of idols. If you’re born again, you are a child of Abraham. And the children of Abraham are idol breakers.

Even as believers, we tend to make idols – of careers, homes, people, churches. Father Abraham, asks, why? These things can’t save you; they’re just idols. There’s no life in them. They can’t fill your heart.

The Lord is saying, “Do,as Abraham did.” Leave the idols… even better, smash them. Turn your eyes back to the living God, the One who called you, your first Love, the only true God, the God of your spiritual father, Abraham.

“You shall have no other gods before me. Exodus 20:3

Carefully look at the things in your life. If any one thing is more important or has moved God into second place, it has become an idol and must be “smashed.”

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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