The Sunday Equation

23 Feb

The Sunday Equation…

Algebra is the search for X, the missing factor. There’s one side of the equation and there’s the other; then you have to find X. 2 + X = 4. X has to be 2. We search for X Friday night. There’s a band of followers following the Rabbi and they’re hiding.

They’ve witnessed the violent bloody end to everything they’ve hoped for. They’re disillusioned, depressed, mourning, and in fear. That’s Friday night but then there’s Saturday. Friday is one side of the equation.

But Sunday begins the greatest movement the world has ever known. This despondent movement on one side of the equal sign and the most confident band of people the world has ever known on the other. What is X, the missing factor that explains it? X can only equal – the resurrection.

The only thing that could turn those followers into the victorious apostles is the resurrection of Jesus. It’s so powerful. It divided the age on the calendar.

The same X factor can change your life. It doesn’t matter what’s on your side of the equation or what the situation is. Take that X factor, the resurrection of Jesus, and you’ll have victory.

Reference: Luke 24:13-53

No matter what you deal with today – deal with it in the power of the resurrection – the X factor!

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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