Jesus and The Crushed Flowers

3 Feb

Jesus and The Crushed Flowers…

Naturally made perfumes are from crushing flowers. A definition of forgiveness is the smell of a flower when it is stepped upon; crushed. We are to manifest the fragrance of Jesus, the fragrance of grace, mercy, and forgiveness, sweet righteousness, and love.

It’s the smell of a flower when it’s stepped on. When you prepare a banquet for those who hurt you, when you bless them, that’s the fragrance of Jesus. When you are sinned against, instead of cursing them, bless them.

When your pride is stepped upon, and your reputation and feelings are stepped upon, instead of anger, hurt, or paying back, of being depressed, you die to self and give them the love of God in return.

That’s the fragrance of Jesus. Jesus was crushed, but in that crushing, He forgave them. From that crushing comes our redemption, the sweet fragrance of Jesus.

You do the same. What comes out of your life when you are pressed, stepped on, or crushed, that’s what you are. So be beautiful as He is beautiful and manifest the sweet fragrance of Jesus. Forgiveness is the smell a flower makes when it’s stepped on.

For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. 2 Corinthians 2:15

Surprise those who hurt you or wronged you by doing the opposite of what they expect, bless them and forgive them. Show God’s love is greater and stronger.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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