Song of the Resurrection

8 Dec

Song of the Resurrection…

Song of Solomon is a love song between a man and woman, an allegory of God, the Bridegroom, and us, the bride. It speaks of His death and resurrection, of the Bridegroom coming into a garden of spices and a bed of spices. God, your Bridegroom, in His love for you, came into a garden, a garden tomb, and on a bed of spices, burial spices.

In the Song of Songs, two of the spices are myrrh and aloe. These are the same spices that were brought to the Lord as He lay in the tomb. In Song of Songs, spices are given as gifts of love. Myrrh represents sorrow, and death.

Give your Beloved your sorrows. Aloe was linked to healing. Take all your wounds and place them upon Him. He comes into your tomb because your tomb needs Him to bring light to your darkness. Let your Beloved come in to your darkness so He can touch it.

Lift your myrrh and aloe, your sorrows and wounds, and bring them to Him. Let Him come in, and the tomb will become a garden of spices. As it is written, “May my Beloved come into His garden.”

My beloved has gone down to his garden, to the beds of spices, to browse in the gardens and to gather lilies. Song of Solomon 6:2

Take time today to let God touch the dark places, the wounded places, the secret, or shameful places, or the hardened places of your heart and life.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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