The Pre-empter

24 Aug

The Pre-empter…

A snake slithers into a nest of eggs, contorts its mouth around the egg, then swallows it whole. Here’s a principle: the serpent represents a spiritual reality..the enemy. Its tactics are the tactics of the enemy.

As the serpent swallows the egg, so the enemy seeks to destroy life before it emerges, crush God’s plans at the very beginning while still incubating. He seeks to destroy your life before you get saved, your calling before it’s fulfilled, and your ministry while still just a promise.

Here’s the encouragement… if you find yourself being attacked by the enemy… it’s a good sign; something good is on the way. Persevere all the more because God has a plan for you, a blessing waiting to happen.

When the enemy tries to discourage you, turn it upside down. Take it as encouragement. It’s revealing that God has something good if you just persevere. So press on my friend be encouraged.

For the snake is an egg swallower trying to stop the blessing. If he’s giving you a hard time, press through all the more, for how big is the egg and how great the blessing that awaits you.

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14

If you’re living in God’s will, take any setback and attack as encouragement on the greatness of what God has ahead.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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