The Titanic

13 May

The Titanic…

Imagine you wake up Sunday morning, it’s April 14th, and you’re on the Titanic. You know the Titanic is going to strike the iceberg around midnight and sink. People are running around you eating and talking about trivial things.

What would you do? How would you warn the people on the ship? And how urgently would you do it? The truth is, this whole world is the Titanic. It’s filled with all sorts of diversions and distractions and everyone in it will sink and will die.

And then comes judgment and eternity. All around you people are getting lost in the details of life, even though it’s sinking. What are you going to do about it? If you had the chance to save the Titanic that day, would you?

Or would you have let them perish, thinking most people would think you were crazy? Don’t live like that. It’s not just an illustration, it’s real.

Open your mouth. Open your heart. Tell them the Gospel. Tell it to everybody. Share it. Proclaim it! Bring them in. For the Titanic is real, and you’re on it.

He who testifies to these things says,  “Yes, I am coming soon.” Revelation 22:20

Today, live as if you were on the Titanic. Save the passengers on it. Share the Gospel in whatever way you can.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always.


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