In His Service

10 Dec

In His Service…

One of the Greek words used in the New Testament to speak of a minister of God is the word “doulos.” “Doulos” means “a servant,” “one who is bound,” “one in submission,” “one in subjection.”

Most believers want to minister for God and fulfill their callings. But how? The word doulos reveals one of the most important truths. If you want to be a minister of God, you have to do so as a doulos. In other words, you have to be a servant – you have to be a doulos, one who is bound, one who is in submission, one who is subject.

It means you have to live in submission to His will. It means you have to choose His will over yours, put aside your wants for His desire, your plan for His purpose. It’s when what you want and what God wants are not the same thing – that you prove yourself as His doulos, His servant.

If you love the Lord, then submit your life to Him. And that is the one the Lord will use mightily as His minister, the one who is truly His doulos.

Praise the Lord, all his heavenly hosts,
you his servants who do his will. Psalm 103:21

What’s in your life that you may want, but isn’t God’s will? Give it to Him today. Submit to the Lord’s will and be His doulos.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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