The Prophetic Generation

9 Dec

The Prophetic Generation…

The University I attended, as most secular colleges tended to be, was hostile to the faith and was very spiritually dark. Many professors and students despised the Gospel. I would never go there without taking along a pocket Bible.

I can remember standing in the hallway, taking out the Bible, and opening it up to the Word. And it was like standing in the darkness and opening up a book filled with rays of light.

As we watch world culture becomes increasingly hostile to our faith and to the ways of God, should we fear? No. Because the darker it gets around us, the more brightly and powerfully in the darkness we can shine.

The key is, don’t hold back the light, but shine. Just as my Bible never seemed as powerful as when I opened it up in a largely hostile environment, and just as a candle never appears as bright as when shining in the darkness – so if you will stand strong, you too, in the end times, will shine like the stars.

Don’t give in to the darkness today. Don’t go along with it. Don’t accept it. But commit to being a light to shine into it.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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