My Christmas Wish

2 Dec

If I could have one wish for Christmas it would be peace. NOT peace on earth as I believe that will never happen because of free will. Since everyone has their own idea as to what peace would look like, I think I will offer my opinion.

I have never talked much about my experience in Vietnam, mainly because it offers an insight of human behavior that for the most part is anger and lack of compassion for human life. I was part of an elite unit of the Marines called Force Recon assigned to a unit from Air America, also known as the CIA. My MOS was Scout/Sniper in which I was assigned targets to which my job was to render harmless. I was very good at my job, maybe a bit too good. This was mainly because of anger towards the Vietcong because they showed no compassion when taking American life’s. However, it left it’s mark on me that I live with to this day. There are still days where I think we did more harm than good.

When I came home from Vietnam, I was a broken person, full of anger and had no compassion for anyone. It took years, working everyday with medical professionals to overcome my anger and addictions. To become human again rather than being the animal I was almost became a miracle. I was lucky to have a strong family to support me along with a great company to provide for the medical treatment needed. Through the grace of God I was able to overcome my anger and learn compassion for people again. However, I still have the nightmares and sweats from the past.

It distressed me when I see or hear people profess an attitude of no compassion, for I learned that not everyone has had the blessings of a great education as I have and that everyone makes mistakes in their life, as much as they would like to deny it.

Life is not a bed of roses and most people learn from their mistakes, some don’t. Whether its from ignorance or from just giving up they just can’t seem to find the right path. I pray for their understanding and comfort as they strive to find the guidance they need. I also pray for people to find compassion and understanding to help guide others to reach their path.

So I ask for peace, knowing that it is somewhat a loose term. Peace is a settling of the mind with the knowledge that I can help others as God has helped me. Peace is being able to live with the past and look forward to tomorrow. Peace is love for your fellow man in spite of your differences. Life is short, don’t waste it on self centered thoughts or ego.

May you all have Peace in your life and Love in your heart. This is my wish for Christmas.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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