Living The Bible

26 Nov

Living The Bible….

If you’ve been reading my posts, then you know I’ve attended a AYOP school until I turned 8, and then spent the next 4 years learning from my Grandfather. You would know I read the Bible four times by the time I turned 12 and many more times since. I have a very diverse education.

Grandfather instilled in me the importance of the Bible in our everyday life and how we should live the Bible in everything we do. Does that make me an expert on the Bible? No, but I do know where to go for answers and I do know if someone twists the meaning of whats written to make a point in a Sunday sermon.

I grew up with the Bible and learned it is a great reference tool for life. It contains the basic rules for living, teaches us the importance of love and instills in us the richness we are blessed with in our daily life’s. Over my life I have taught Sunday School and led many Bible study classes. Many times I came home wondering just why some people just never get it.

I’ve learned, over time, that we must listen twice as much as we talk and just how important it is to give someone else a chance to share a thought. Grandfather once said “It is better to keep our mouth shut and thought to be stupid rather than open it up and prove it.” I always wondered what he meant until I realized what he was really saying was if you have to tell everyone how good or smart you are, you really aren’t. Let your actions and works show for you.

Some people have the gift for gab and can do a wonderful job with it. I don’t, but I learned early on that the ones who go around boasting about their life are usually insecure and need the attention their story gives them.

I’ve met many people who strive to live their life as Jesus had and are constantly bummed out because of all the obstacles God has placed in their path. What would Jesus do has become their phrase of the day. The Bible tells us to love our neighbors as He has loved us and many times we fall very short of this command because we choose who we consider our neighbors. I have found you can’t just love one person for one thing and dislike another for the same thing.

I have learned that everyone has challenges that they must overcome and you can’t judge a person because of his or her circumstances. We all must learn to accept people because of their differences and realize not everyone is going to think and act the same way we do. Diversity has made us as advanced as we are and diversity will help us continue to improve.

We all need to take a good, honest look at ourselves to see where our prejudices lie. Too many times we judge others on how they look or speak and don’t realize we are being judged for the same reasons. Learn to love each other for who they are not who you want them to be.

The Bible lays out very clearly how we should live our life and how we should love each other. Its the basic foundation of life and the guide to a better life for all. God gave us so much to live for and asks so little in return. Don’t you think it’s time to start living as He asks us to? Make the best of your lives and help others grow in theirs.

If you have been reading my posts, you also know there is more there than what is written on the page. Take the time to read between the lines of my posts for there are lessons there also.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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