How much easier…

17 Jan

How many times do you catch yourself pointing a finger of blame at someone for some perceived indiscretion? if you answer honestly, it will probably be plenty. It has become the trend of the day around the world, many times because the one pointing has no better way to address the situation.

Whether it is everyday issues around the job or world issues to the political extreme, it has become so much easier to point a finger and tell everyone how messed up it is than it is to lend a hand to help or offer a viable solution that can achieve the needs of everyone. I guess it’s because that requires compromise and working together, something that is rare these days in our world.

I guess I’m kind of an old fashioned character for I believe if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. Over my limited time here on earth I’ve learned it is so much easier to offer a hand up, then it is to point a finger. For some reason I don’t find comfort in making someone look and feel disgraced or shamed.

As Christians we are commanded to love our neighbors as God has loved us, to not judge others for their actions and to be a living example of the One who created us. How are you doing with that? Before you get defensive let’s remember not everyone thinks the same way as you or I do and there is no one right way do accomplish any one task. We are all different, we all have our strong and weak points and for some reason what I may be strong in, you may be a bit weak and what you are strong in, I just may need help. Working together we can accomplish our goal and along the way we just may run into someone else with strengths to cover other weaknesses.

God has given us free will for a reason and has blessed each and everyone of us with different gifts so that working together, for His glory, we can accomplish anything put in front of us. It is us that puts limits what we can or cannot do, so it is us that remove the limits and walls we built.

So, the next time you come across a situation you perceive as being wrong, take the time to assess it and then lend a hand to help correct it rather than pointing the finger of blame. Every time you do, it becomes a little easier. Before you know it you will realize how much easier it is to offer a hand than it is to point a finger.

Walk daily with God at your side!



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