Aspire Life – A Lesson In Balance

11 Dec

Aspire Life – A Lesson In Balance…

direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.

What is important to you? What inspires you? Is it the big things in life, or is it the little ones that make a difference? What are you trying to achieve in life?

Big questions, but when making decisions in your life these are very important. The hardest part is being honest with your answers. By now you have realized life is not a bed of roses and is sometimes very hard. So, by nature, we have the tendency to short change ourselves when we make decisions pertaining to our abilities. We look for the easy way rather than taking the harder road to complete our desired goal. It’s human nature to try to find the easy path, but sometimes the harder way has many more benefits.

The biggest challenge is to achieve balance in your life at the same time. Emotional, spiritual and intellectual balance (the ESI of life). How you balance the environmental needs of your mind and body will determine how successful your dreams become. Believe it or not, life is all about balance of all the above and the better balanced the ESI is with the physical, the hands-on side, the happier you are. Too abstract? Ok, I’ll put it in everyday english. If you balance your life with God, love, and education plus a good healthy living environment that includes the physical needs of your occupation, you will feel more complete in your dreams and aspirations.

Balance is the key to happiness. What is the importance of goodwill to you? I mean you can have a friendly, helpful, and cooperative attitude and be regarded as an asset to your job, but not have the same standing with your friends and relationships. In reality you need both to be balanced in your life and to feel you’ve met your goals completely.

Then we come to the most important factor of life. How essential is love to completing your life goals? Love, is as essential to life as water. Love, believe it or not, is absolutely essential to your survival. This fact cannot be disputed because it can be seen in studies on animals and has been repeated in history time and time again. Ever wonder who lives in the longest in a senior’s home? It’s those people who have family come to visit them and the friendships that keep people alive and ticking.

So, now let me put them all together. We have life goals and we have physical needs. We need to keep them balanced to succeed in our aspirations. Love of life, emotional, spiritual and intellectual balance plus a good attitude will make your goals so much easier to reach. Utilizing these skills through out your everyday life allows you obtain goodwill with every facet of your daily living.

Grandfather always said we only get out of life what we put into it. The secret is loving life and others so that you always seek to find new, better ways to grow plus helping others grow at the same time. It is love truly at work.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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