7 Dec

The America I and most of us grew up in is God fearing, thoughtful, loving and compassionate. We knew our neighbors and the whole neighborhood watched out for each other. We never had to lock our doors at night and when a stranger came by we invited him or her to dinner. We were tolerant of our differences and mostly worked to find ways to work around them. We had a respect for the feelings of all people in the community and were inclusive with everyone at our gatherings.

Today America is filled with hate, distrust, lack of tolerance and full of crime and death. One has to ask where has our America gone to? There is hate in the workforce, constant fighting in our communities, militarized police forces, and a totally divided government who refuses to work with each other and are very disrespectful of each other. For the most part we know little about our neighbors and heaven help us if we offer to watch over things for them.

As far as I know, we still have the same Declaration of Independence, the same US Constitution that I took an oath to defend and this is still the greatest country on earth. So where did we make the drastic turn for the worse? Why do we have so much hate and discontent? Most important why can’t we all come together, under God, and straighten our country out?

We live in a country of about 300 Million people, we have 300 plus religions all who think theirs is the right one, immigrants from every country in the world, and we are still the richest country in the world. We have differences, but most of those can be overcome with a little compassion and love. We profess our love of God, yet we fail to use that same love for our neighbors.

Something is missing in America today and we the people are the blame. We let our elected leaders take our country away from us, we let them take our rights away and we watch as they send our jobs overseas. We find ways to blame others for our problems, instead of looking for ways to fix them. Where are the days of working together for the good of the country?

It is time for a rebirth in America! We all need to get together and pray for answers to our differences, compassion for our neighbors and love to share with all. We know there are 300 plus religions in America, but I know there is only one God! I’m pretty sure He is not real happy about all the hate and discontent here in America.

Let’s stop this divide in America! Let’s call on our Congress to work for America and stop bending to the whims of big business. Let’s, as neighbors, bring our communities together and clean up the differences. Let all of us lend a helping hand to the ones that need a hand up. Together we can make America what it used to be, the greatest place to live on earth. Most of all, let us all remember we are all God’s children regardless of race, religion or creed and under our Constitution we are all equal.

Walk daily with God at your side!



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