Maintaining Focus – By Grace Alone (2/14)

9 Feb

Maintaining Focus – By Grace Alone…

Over the years we all learn that nothing we do is by accident. As Christians we grow in the fact that it is only by His grace that we do anything. This is why it is so important to stay focused on God.

It is through His grace that there’s a lot right in your life. It is also through His grace we have stuggles in our life. Don’t focus so much on the struggles that you miss the gift of His grace for within every struggle there is a gift.

By grace alone we go forth and it is by grace alone we have blessings to share. So why is it that so many people spend so much time complaining about their misery than they do rejoicing about the blessings in their daily life?

We will stumble, it is only human, but through prayer and His grace we are lead back onto His path. I think we, as Christians, begin to take His presence for granted and forget to thank Him for all He is doing on our behalf.

In every stuggle we face there is a joy to share, if we take the time to discover it. However, most don’t take the time to find out what the blessing is because they are so bent because of the struggle they have put in front of them.

I have learned over the years to ask myself why God has blessed me with this struggle and what joy I can share with others as a result of it. I have found in every struggle there is also a blessing. As we walk our way through the problem we begin to understand just what God is teaching us and then we are blessed.

It is my opinion we exist, by His grace, to share our blessings with others. We grow through sharing with each other and each of us receives a bit of joy from it. This joy is a blessing that grows as we share it with others. It is a never ending process that grows as we continue to share our blessings.

As we know, life is full of rough places that we learn to overcome or work around to continue down our chosen path. God places these obstacles in our path because there is a lesson to be learned from them. As we learn the lesson we are given a blessing and when we share the blessings we are blessed again.

To grow in life, both as a Christian and as a person, we must take the cards we are dealt and make the best of it. I believe we get out of life just what we put into it so by expressing the joy in everything we are sharing the love God wants us to share. We must keep our focus centered on God.

It is by grace alone I am….

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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