The Flag Of Jesus’s Tallit

29 Dec

The Flag Of Jesus’s Tallit

The flag of Israel consists of the Star of David and two stripes, all in blue on a white cloth. Why is that? It’s because the flag of Israel is modeled after the Jewish prayer cloth – the tallit.

The tallit is white with stripes on each side in blue – because God commanded the children of Israel to wear garments with blue fringes.

Jesus also wore blue fringes on His garment or tallit. In fact, it was these fringes which were the “hem” of His garment – the sacred fringe that the sick and disabled would touch and be healed.

For 2000 years the dye that produced that blue on Jesus’s garment was missing from the tallits of Israel. Only in modern times has it been restored – and now even the flag of Israel bears it.

So the flag of Israel is the color of Jesus’s garment, with the blue that marked the hem by which the sick were healed.

Take it as a sign and a reminder to pray for the day when Israel will again reach out and touch the hem of Jesus’s garment – and find their healing.

And when the men of that place recognized Jesus, they sent word to all the surrounding country. People brought all their sick to him and begged him to let the sick just touch the edge of his cloak, and all who touched it were healed. Matthew 14:35-36

Close your eyes and imagine touching the hem of Jesus’s garment as you lift up your prayers to Him today – believe God for His power to touch your life.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


One Response to “The Flag Of Jesus’s Tallit”

  1. terry mcdonald December 31, 2020 at 1:08 am #

    Ed one word for this devotion, POWERFUL. When you’ve dealt with cancer all one wants to do is touch the garment or cloak that Jesus wore.

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