The Wilderness

25 Jun

The Wilderness…

Midbar means wilderness in Hebrew. We usually think of the wilderness as one wilderness. But it’s not.

There are many Hebrew names for various midbars. There’s the Midbar Yehudah, the Wilderness of Judah, where John the Baptist preached.

Then there’s the Midbar Negev, the Wilderness of the Negev, where Abraham pitched his tent. There’s the Midbar Shinee, the Wilderness of Sinai, through which Moses and the Israelites journeyed.

There are many other smaller midbars – the Midbar Zin, the Midbar Paran, the Midbar Moreh. The fact that each wilderness has a different name is significant.

The Hebrews didn’t just go through them. They named each one. Each was a special wilderness warranting its own name. To name a wilderness means one values it, one wants to remember it.

We also go through wildernesses. But very rarely do we value them. But we should value them because in each wilderness, God has a good purpose.

He uses them the grow you and to make you more like Him. Therefore, rejoice in your wildernesses, give thanks for it, for the wilderness of God… have names.

To him who led his people through the wilderness; His love endures forever. Psalm 136:16

Think of a name for the Midbar, that problem, that situation, you’re going through – no matter what it is – name it according to the blessing that God wants to bring from it. And rejoice on your way through.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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