The Other Side

27 Sep

The Other Side…

We were sitting by the river one sunny morning when Grandfather asked, Do you remember when I told you that when you speak of your existence you must speak the Name of God?

I Am, I replied.

Yes, he said, But there is another side to it. We’ve all fallen. So when we speak of our existence, we speak of a fallen existence. But how can the Name of God be linked to that which is fallen, sinful, defiled, broken and marred? If you say, ‘I am sinful,’ you’re telling the truth, but you’re joining the sacred name I Am to sin. And if you say ‘I am unholy,’ you’re joining I Am to unholiness and defilement. You’re bearing witness against God. It could be called blasphemy, the I Am of God and the I am of man now infinitely separated from each other.

Then what’s the answer? I asked.

When Jesus died for our sins, it was I Am. It was I Am joining Himself, rejoining Himself, to our sins, to our fallen, sinful and unholy I am. It was I Am joining Himself to our sins…I Am becoming sin, I Am joining Himself to all that is not I Am, that by so doing all separations would be ended. So when you find yourself saying ‘I am condemmed,’ then look at the cross and what will you see there? You will see I Am condemmed. When you find yourself saying, ‘I am guilty,’ look at the Cross and you will see I Am guilty. When you’re hurting, you will see I Am hurting. When you’re broken and crushed, you will see I Am broken and crushed. When youre rejected, you will see I Am rejected on the cross. And when you find yourself at your end, you will see I Am at the end… I Am finished.

What happened there is a mystery… The Holy One joining His I Am to your I am, that nothing, no sin, no shame, no darkness, not even death could ever separate you from Him again. That even in those things He will be there with you. He who is I Am has joined His I Am to your I am that your I am would be joined with His I Am. This is the other side of this mystery. For after His death comes the resurrection. It is in the resurrection that we find our new I am. What is it that we find there? We find I Am alive…I Am victorious… And we find… I Am risen!!

Let your fallen I Am be finished in His death and let His risen and victorious I Am become the I Am of your life.

Walk daily with God at your side!!

Love always,


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