The Message

20 Sep

The Message…

Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message.

Life is a message and very choreographed path we are lead down throughout. Most of us don’t realize the why’s and wherefore’s of our life, we just live it day to day.

Over the years I’ve searched within, explored and came up with quite a few one-liners of what my message might be:

“Pursue truths and lead others into all truths.”

“There’s no better time than to come alive now. Wake up from sleepwalking through life.”

“Life’s too short to waste it by living someone else’s dreams.”

“Get out of your own way to be who you really are, who you’re purposed to be.”

“Be the inspiring and authentic genius that I am, who loves deeply and acts with courage and conviction.”

“Help people see the masterpiece in themselves, and see the Master.”

“In the end, only Love matters, only Love remains.”

Those were just a few of them. I was exploring on the messages that were burning inside me and what I want everyone to know. Maybe at the end of my life when all is said and done, there will be just ONE overarching message over everything else. And maybe that’s for others to tell, not me.

These days, my message theme focuses more on the word freedom to free myself and set others free.

In my pursuit of wisdom and truths, I’ve learned that there’s so much ‘unlearning’ and unloading that needs to happen for us to reclaim our clarity and innate well-being that are already ours, but buried under many man-made ‘weights’ that pull us down. In our misunderstanding of the nature of who we are and how things work, we have put on more and more ‘weights’ thinking they will help us in many challenges (all of them are thoughts) in life.

I believe we’re meant to travel light. We already have all that we need. We can be free.

So, back to you. If your life is your message, what would your message be? What’s your story about?

Today is a good time for you to ponder. Just explore by writing down the thoughts that come to mind. Journal them. Be inspired by your inner wisdom and dreams. Don’t give up dreaming!

Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop caring. So dream hope and love…Makes Life Beautiful!

Give it some thought and send me your thoughts on what life means to you. I may use your comments as an idea for another post.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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