It’s A Choice

19 Aug

It’s A Choice…

We were sitting on the side of the river, with our backs against a tree sort of daydreaming, one afternoon when Grandfather said Did you know there are always two sides to life and the one you choose will define you?

Hate has four letters, so does Love. Enemies has seven letters, so does Friends. Lying has five letters, so does Truth. Negative has eight letters, so does Positive. Under has five, so does Above.

He paused for a minute and then continued. Cry has three letters, so does Joy. Anger has five letters, so does Happy. Right has five letters, so does Wrong. Hurt has four letters, so does Heal.

What is all this leading to you ask? It means life is like a double edged sword… so transform every negative side into an aura of positivity… We should always choose the better side of life.

Life is short he continued, why do we waste so much of it making bad choices? When you finally realize life is just as you choose, why choose the negative when the positive is so much better and brighter?

Frown has five letters also, but so does Smile and that smile will light up your world and the world of others. As for me I choose a couple more five letter words, I choose the Shine my Light to brighten the life of those around me… What do you choose?

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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