The Shadow

10 Aug

The Shadow…

It was a dark night. There was no moon and only a few stars could be seen in the desert sky, just darkness and the howling of the cold night winds. A typical October night in the desert.

Are you afraid of the dark?, Grandfather asked

Sometimes, I replied.

In the Scriptures, Grandfather said, darkness is a symbol of evil. Darkness is an absence, the absence of light. So too is evil…

Evil is an absence?, I replied.

Then Grandfather continued. Evil is not so much a reality as the absence of a reality. It is not the creation, but a denial of creation, a negation of what is, the negation of God. So it can’t exist on its own, but only in opposition to existence.

What does that mean?

Truth exists of itself. It is that which is. But a lie cannot exist without truth. A lie is the twisting of the truth, and so it can only exist by the truth and in the denial of it. So too life exists without death. But death cannot exist without life. Death exists as a negation of life. So too the good can exist without evil. But evil cannot exist without good. Evil is the denial of the good.

It’s the force of opposition, I said.

Yes, he replied, in Hebrew that which opposes, that which goes against, is called sahtan.

Sahtan, I repeated, and paused until it hit me. Satan! You can have God without Satan, but you can’t have Satan without God.

Yes, he replied. So we can only discern darkness because of the existence of the light and what is false by the true, and what is wrong, by the right. So then evil is actually…

A witness, I said, a hostile witness, that, despite itself, testifies of the truth.

Yes, Grandfather said, the witness of a shadow. The darkness of falsehood bears witness that Truth exists. The darkness of hatred bears witness that Love exists. The darkness of evil bears witness that God exists. So never let your heart lose its focus by dwelling on evil, on a shadow, on that which is not, to obscure that which is. Seek always beyond the shadow, and above it, to the Good, which is always there upon the throne, and to which even the darkness must ultimately bear witness and bow it’s knee.

Today, practice seeing through the darkness of every problem or evil that confronts you – to the good that lies beyond it.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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