Reverence And Respect

4 Aug

Reverence And Respect…

Hello Grandfather, how are them bones? This was what we said as a sign of reverence and respect for our elders when I was growing up.

The Bible clearly stated that we are to show reverence to God and the things that represent Him. We apparently live in a society that is becoming more and more disrespectful. Our culture teaches that no one is above another. Children are not honoring their parents or anyone else in authority. Are believers treating God as “common” today?

Reverence and respect go hand and hand and are often used interchangeably. Reverence carries an idea of worship and therefore is more appropriately used in our relationship with God and everything associated with Him. His ministers are often referred to as reverend. We don’t worship human beings, of course, but we should respect our spiritual leaders because they are God’s representatives to us.

Children should be taught to honor and obey their parents and authority figures and by doing so, it shows respect for them. Showing honor and respect is more than just verbal expressions, it is a daily process of acting and displaying appreciation, worth, honor and following their suggestions or wishes because they hold a position very dear to that person.

While many of our older adults display reverence and respect for church sanctuaries and facilities, one should teach their children the same qualities. We show respect, reverence and freedom to worship God whenever we enter and participate in the sanctuary. Children need to learn the importance of understanding why we show reverence and respect inside the church because we honor God. A time to play or talk should be conducted outside the church.

The church membership should be concerned about the appearance and maintenance of the building as well as with treatment inside “God’s House”. Whenever a church does not show concern for their building, they usually don’t have much concern for God.

Reverence and respect for the things of God can be easily taught and lived out in our daily Christian lives. The Bible instructs us to be witnesses or examples to the whole world, including those inside and outside of our church. Jesus showed respect and reverence towards God as well as the temple. Behavior in the sanctuary should always be respectful and show reverence towards God. He is the reason why we are there and He is the reason why we have eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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