Fatherhood and Reverence

14 Jun

Fatherhood and reverence…

Over the years there’s been a trend in modern culture against fatherhood. In earlier years, when a father was depicted on television in a situation comedy, he would most often be seen as an object of respect and authority.

That’s changed. More often than not, when fathers are now depicted in situation comedies, they’re portrayed as overgrown children, incompetent, with little authority, little responsibility, or else pompous, overbearing, continually corrected or shown to be foolish and irresponsible by those around them. It’s part of an increasing trend that fatherhood is irrelevant or disposable.

This manifests as an increasing lack of reverence. In the church world, it manifests in a decreasing sense of reverence toward God, His presence, and authority; a lack of submission to His Word. Has that affected you? Do you reverence God’s presence as you should? Do you truly subject your life to the Word of God?

Are you truly surrendering your will to the will of God? If not, then start today! Revere the Lord. Make Him the true Lord of every part of your life. For we are truly His children and He is truly our Father.

Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— Ephesians 6:2

Open and read the Bible and truly subject your life to it.

Walk daily with God at your side!!

Love always,


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