Love… Our Cup Runs Over

29 May

Love… Our Cup Runs Over…
If you’ve ever been chased around the dining room table by a parent, most likely it wasn’t your mother, but your father. My father would count up to three. My mother would count up to three thousand and beyond. In fact, she’s still counting. A mother’s love is a picture of the love of God.
Often we picture God as a severe judge ready to lose his temper, but the truth is, the love of God is as compassionate and tender as the love of a mother, only more so. And that means He must be very patient. In fact, the Bible says that the reason the age has gone on so long is solely because of the patience of God for people to repent and get saved.
Thank God that He’s patient, and that He puts up with you and me and all of us. What should that make us do? It should make us all the more zealous to bless Him, to please Him, and to make Him smile. God has the patience of a saint. And even more than a saint, He has the patience of a mother, and even more than that. And in that is our salvation.
Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matthew 22:37
Make it your aim in life to bless God, to please Him, and to make Him smile.
Walk daily with God at your side!
Love always,

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