The Divine Loves

4 May

The Divine Loves…
One afternoon, while we were hiking the canyon, we stopped and sat in a ledge overlooking a small waterfall. Then Grandfather said In the Song of Solomon, the bride compares the love of her beloved to wine. Wine was a symbol of earthly pleasure. Yet when the bride speaks of her beloved, she says this “Your love is better than wine.”
And the Song of Solomon is ultimately about God and us; the bride represents us, and the beloved represents God. I replied.
Grandfather responded Correct, so what is it saying?
It is saying that the love of God is better than any earthly pleasure. Yes, and something more than that. Behind the translation is a revelation one can only find in the original language.
The Hebrew reads this way: Kee tovim dodekha me yayin. It translates as your love is better than wine. But, in the original language, the bride says your dodekha is better than wine. What does dodekha mean?
Not “Your love” dodekha means “Your loves.” Your love is better than wine. What does that reveal? It reveals that the love of God is not just the love of God but the loves of God.
Dodekha means that God loves you so much that it can’t even be described or contained without breaking the language. It means the word love cannot adequately express it. It means that God doesn’t just have love for you, but many loves. When you need His mercy, He loves you with a merciful love.
When you’ve been wounded, He loves you with a tender love. When you need His strength, He loves you with an encouraging love. When you need the love of a friend, He loves you as a friend.
When you need to be lifted up in His arms, He loves you with the compassion of a loving father. His love for you is many. He loves you today, not with yesterday’s love, but the love of today, a love that is new every morning.
Therefore, you must seek not only to know the love of God but also the love of God. You can never rest knowing yesterday’s love or the love you have known before.
You must seek each day to know the loves He has for you, the new love, the fresh love, the surprising love, and the never-ending love. It is that love, His love, that is better, much better than any earthly joy. For His loves are better than wine.
As you seek, this day, the loves of God, the always new, never-ending loves your Beloved has for you remember that He said we are to love our neighbors as He has loved us.

This gives it way more meaning. If this doesn’t open some eyes about how we are to love, one must ask how blind we are? That is something to think about.
Walk daily with God at your side!
Love always,

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