The World We Live In and You

26 Apr

The World We Live In and You…

I listen to people rant and rave over how bad our world is and how everything is changing — for the worse and I ask myself why. Yes, we have grown in technology and people tend to think life is harder than ever and it may be. However, as the world changes are we required to follow in its ways?

In my post “Love Is Stronger” I talk about how divided our world has come and how we, as Christians, should shine our lights and try to make things brighter. I received a response “I wish this would happen but I am not sure it will. I don’t see love being displayed much today, I see just the opposite. I feel the only way for love to flourish is for Jesus to come back and start the Kingdom.

This saddened me, because “Your World” is quite a bit different from “The World We Live In” or it should be. Being raised on the bible I look at the greatest commandments– “Love your neighbor as yourself and as I have loved you” along with “Put no other God before me” as a rule to live everyday life. Nowhere do I see where it says let yourself blend into the outside world. And nowhere do I see where we are to allow negativity control our world and life.

Let’s all take a close look at the world in general. Yes things have changed, people have become bitter, our country is divided, and hate seems to be more prevalent than love. But, God has not changed, He is the same today as yesterday and will be the same tomorrow!! He promised to always be here for us and has never let anyone of us down.

So when you feel the world is closing in on you, look up and thank God for all the blessings He has given you and the security you have with Him in your life. He is always there!!

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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