Dreams – Should We Follow or Chase Them

18 Feb

Dreams – follow or chase…

How many times have you asked yourself if I had done things differently years ago where would I be today? Have you ever felt your life just hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would?

I would guess we all have made some decisions in our life that today we wish would have done differently. If you could go back and redo it, would you?

I often wonder what if I did this instead, then look at my chosen path and say God led me here, why am I questioning it? When it comes right down to it, our life is opening up exactly as it should and we chose the path we took with our Faith in God to protect us as we ventured down that path. I did without reservation.

Do I question where would I be if I went another direction? Of course I have, then I remember the blessings I have received, the people I have been able to help and those who helped me. It is then I realize that I chose the right path and have no need to look back at my life. God has lead me here for a reason and that reason is being opened to me everyday of my life.

Now, to the question, do you follow your dreams or chase them. I, personally, say you follow them because you will make fewer mistakes. By that is my opinion, you may think you need to chase them so you can get more out of life. I guess it’s a personal decision, but I know this for sure, if you are following the path God has laid out for you and have Faith that he is going to walk beside you, your life will turn out just fine.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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