Basic Instructions

9 Jan

Basic Instructions…

Like many of us, I’ve often wondered why we didn’t come with an instruction manual when we were born. Just about everything comes with an instruction manual, but not a newborn baby. It could be because as adults we have been raised with instructions, even though some of us fail to see that.

Grandfather had a book of instructions that he raised me on, it was called the Bible. The Bible, is normally called by the church the Word of God, was named something different by my Grandfather. He called the book the Handbook Of Life or “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”. Everything you need to know to live a good life can be found inside. All we have to do is follow it.

However, these are Basic Instructions, God also gave us a brain to educate ourselves to become more advanced in our life. Some have used it very well, others are still stuck trying to learn the basic instructions.

Now I realize that some will take issue with this, but look how far we as people have advanced since the days the Bible was written. These innovations didn’t just come out of nowhere, God gave them to us. He showed us the way to discover them, educated us to refine them and lead us to where we are today.

In a nutshell, life is only as good and strong as you make it. If you follow the basic instructions life can be very full. The problem comes when we choose to go in another direction. God is there to guide you, if you ask. He is more than happy to give you His love and He asks so little of you in return, love your neighbors as I have loved you. Yes, these are part of the basic instructions.

I think Grandfather was right when he called the Bible The Handbook Of Life for it does contain the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Follow the Bible and shine your light!

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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