He Closer Than You Think

29 Dec

He Closer Than You Think…

We all, at one time or another, find ourselves in a situation so dark or deep we just can’t seem to find a way out. Sometimes it could be critical and sometimes it’s just something that if we took the time to gather our senses we could see it was just a wrong turn.

Life is like that at times, ups and downs, bumpy paths and every once in a while a great big boulder blocking our way so big we can’t phantom our way around without help.

The next time you find yourself alone in a dark alley facing the undeniable’s of life, don’t cover them with a blanket, or ignore them with a nervous grin. Don’t turn up the TV and pretend they aren’t there. Instead, stand still, whisper his name, and listen. He is nearer than you think.

Prayer, yes I write about it a lot and this is why. God wants us to talk to Him. He wants us to ask for guidance in all things. We, as humans, have a tendency to only ask for help when the going gets so rough we have no other choice. Yet He is always there for the trivial as well as the hard and has made it clear there is nothing too small or too large for Him to handle. It is also why I always talk about being in continuous conversation with Him. He is always there to lend a hand and light the way for you.

So when you find yourself in a situation, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Look up and whisper His name… He is closer than you think.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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