Open Your World

27 Nov

Open Your World…

I have been sharing thoughts for about 47 years either through “Life’s Handbook” or my blog which is just over 5 years old. I have to say It has been a humbling experience to see my world open up the world’s of other people. I never thought my words would have such an effect on others.

When I started writing back in late 1971 I was fighting to recover from injuries received in Vietnam and was lucky to be alive. But, God had a plan for me and that was to share my Life experiences wth the world. It brings back memories that Grandfather taught me and sayings like: What the caterpillar thinks is the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly. I really thought it was the end of my world. Little did I know the butterfly in me would be the Hope for so many around the world.

Hope… Imagine just how much we can change the world if we shared hope with everyone we touch on a daily basis. I have found my thought shared in many books and even on a television show. This is amazing that God will use us to spread love and hope throughout the world.

In my post What Love Is I shared this: Light is Love and the more of our light we shine the more love we share. The more love we share the brighter our light shines. Seek the light!

As Christians we are the love and the light God wants shared with all in our path. We are His example of what love can do and the light to His path. If we all would share this love and light peace just may be possible around the world.

Life just doesn’t happen, we are here for a reason and to me that reason has turned out to be the light for others to find Hope and Love. As I share my Life experiences with my readers, I ask you to help spread the love, light and hope with all you can. I also ask for comments and questions as they open the door for more subjects to write about. Between the teachings of Grandfather and my extended education, my life experiences are open for anyone who asks.

How about you, are you ready to open your world? You just may have the hope that someone’s needs to go on.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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