We are…

15 Nov

We Are…

As a Christian I have learned God is love and since He resides in my heart, I am love also. My soul is the light that shines the love He has given me to share with all.

Yet, some in the church feel that love is only to be shared with fellow members who talk and act as they do. The divide in our Country starts right here in the church. As strange as it sounds, the place that teaches us to love our neighbors is also the place that is dividing us as a country yet so many are blinded by their intolerance to see it.

The pastor of our church said something the other day that, hopefully, will open the eyes of Christians everywhere. He said if you think Southern Baptists are the only ones in heaven, you are going to be in for a big surprise. I think that will fit for just about every denomination we have in this world. God created each and everyone of us in His image, with His love and He blesses everyone of us.

I have written many times about how unique each and everyone of us is and how we all have a place where we fit in the world. It is also true that we need everyone working together to make it whole. Love is the answer and the glue that holds us all together. Light of the world we look out in the darkness, open our eyes let us see…

Father, I ask that you open our eyes and let us see the divisiveness among us and help us come together as one, with one purpose, to love all that cross our paths. Help us see that the blessings You bestow on us are meant to be shared in order to show Your love. Remind us that we are the light that reflects Your love and light. Open our eyes so that when we look into the mirror we see actually are looking at the face and eyes of You, that this is why we are made in Your image. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

I will close with one of grandfathers reminders:
The soul is not where it lives but where it loves.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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