29 Jan

I find it interesting when people ask what gift God has given them or wonder what gift God has given you. Actually, when you stop and think about it the answer is pretty simple.

God’s gift to us is who we are and our gift to God is who we become.

God gave us all the gift of life, then as we became Christians opened the door to many other gifts to enhance our life’s. He expects us to use these gifts wisely to show our light to others and to draw them to Him. How we do this is pretty much up to us, since He also gave us freewill, but it is our gift to Him to live our lives to the fullest while sharing His love and blessings with everyone we touch.

With all of us being blessed on a daily basis, I often wonder why there is so much turmoil in the world. If we share our love and blessings as God has asked, imagine how little turmoil that would be. Life is too short as it is, why can’t we all just love each other more and hate less?

One of grandfathers favorite statements was “The Gift Of Life is love so Love everyone you can, in all the ways that you can every day that you can. Then you live up to the gift God has given you” I think that pretty much says it all. Love is never wasted. Thats the greatest gift you can give to God!

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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