8 Apr


As you probably realize my grandfather was my Mentor and my person that I could turn to with any problem. There was nothing grandfather didn’t know anytime I asked him questions he had an exact answer. From the time I started walking and talking he was my person to turn to in time of need.

Grandfather was very spiritual and always pointed me in the direction of God and explained to me that He was our ultimate guide and leader. He will never lead you astray and will always be there when you need Him. Many times in my early years he would tell me to go to a quiet area, pray and just listen to what He had to tell me. I had a favorite place to go in the canyon, I call it angel grotto, where it was so peaceful one could hear nature performing His miracles. I would go there to learn what God had in store for me that day.

Grandfather passed away when I was 12 but his lessons have stayed with me throughout my life. Today I still have my quiet moments with Him and learn what my day has in store. Because of grandfather’s teachings I have led a fairly peaceful life.

He was my teacher, my Mentor and my best friend during the time he was with us. He helped me grow in school and life. When I graduated 6th grade at the AYOP school, he took over and taught me the spiritual world. When I turned 10 he brought me before the council for endorsement as a healer.

When he was preparing for transition to heaven, he sat me down and explained to me that life on earth is just a stepping stone of what’s to come and that life with God is so much better. He was always prepared and ready for the future.

Now as I reflect back on our time together, I remember one of his many lessons – The magic of His touch. He taught me that God is always listening and talking to me and when I feel that soft touch on my arm or that gentle whisper in my ear, it is God guiding my direction. He is always by my side leading me.

I have always had a peaceful life and demeanor because of His presence in my daily life. Many have said I lead an enchanted life. Peace follows me wherever I go and all I can say is God has blessed me. As grandfather always told me, there is just something about His touch.

Walk daily with God at your side!

Love always,


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