My World, Your World and The World We Live In

30 Sep

I was raised believing we all exist in our own worlds. We each have our beliefs, our opinions and our own take on things. Life for us revolves around what we see and think along the constraints we set up in our own little world.

By joining worlds with our friends we expand our beliefs and feeling to include those of others to the extent of where they don’t infringe on our personal feelings. Sometimes we alter our personal feelings when someone presents something that makes more sense to our world. It’s called compromise and we learn to live within the new boundaries we set for ourselves.

Some religions encourage members to stay within the world of the church, keeping true to its beliefs and staying away from outside influences. The Amish and Menenite Religions do this and have been quite successful in keeping their communities closed. They do interface with the outside world for business only, but do have some of the younger ones starting to wander to the outside. Some of the Evangelical Churches are encouraging members to seek friends and activities from within the church community. It is a study on how people grow in life. I guess everything we do is a study in some form.

The outside world is the real world, the world we are forced to see every day on the news and outside our world of comfort. It is not a very compromising world and is a very hard nosed – my way or the highway place. I have not found an easy way to mix or merge the two worlds together. Sometimes we find ourselves at odds with what is happening out in the real world and can find no way to adapt with it.

I guess when you really get into life, we can make is as easy or as hard as we want. Life is as good as we decide to make it. We make all the decisions and choices that determine and shape our world. Grandfather always said that life is simple, only we can complicate it. He was a very wise man!

This is a simple way to look into our life and world. It is a conversation starter. What do you have to offer to the conversation? Let’s all open up our world to each other and share.

Walk daily with God at your side!



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